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Quote1.png You people are a joke. You hear Moloch's back in town, you think "Oh, boy! Let's gang up and bust him!" You think that matters? You think that solves anything? [...] It don't matter squat because inside thirty years the nukes are gonna be flyin' like maybugs, and then Ozzy here is gonna be the smartest man on the cinder. Quote2.png
The Comediansrc

The Crimebusters was an incredibly short-lived team of super-heroes that Captain Metropolis attempted to organize in 1966 to replace the Minutemen, who had retired over 15 years earlier.


It consisted of newer heroes, such as Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach, but retained The Comedian, who had also been a member of the previous group; as well as the second Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, whose original counterparts had been Minutemen. The group fell apart almost before it started, largely at the urging of the pessimistic Comedian, who believed that they wouldn't really be making a difference in a world heading towards Apocalypse anyway. The group would be nearly insignificant, if not for the introductions it provided to the contemporary superheroes of the time amongst themselves. Only Nite Owl supported the idea, since he and Rorschach had some success fighting gangs by working together.


  • In the film adaption, the "Crimebusters" were instead called the "Watchmen". The group was led by Ozymandias and Captain Metropolis wasn't present in the founding. Like in the graphic novel, the group was ridiculed by the Comedian. Unlike in the graphic novel, in the film the Watchmen appeared to actually work together and last longer as opposed to the Crimebusters, which never came together at the meeting.

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