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In addition to collecting all twelve issues of the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series this also contained a Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium volume.


Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium contents:

  • Anatomy of a Crisis
  • Crisis Index: a list of 114 Earths from the DC Multiverse including those seen after Crisis (including Hypertime Earths) and a few that would appear in Infinite Crisis, appearances of the Monitor, and the synopsis contents of The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index (March 1986).


  • The Crisis Index in The Compendium denotes 98 "numbered" Earths (like Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-3, etc), and 16 Earths with letters (like Earth-C) or names (Earth-Terra).
  • The Official Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover Index presented "Earth-B" as separate from Earth-Twelve while the Official Crisis on Infinite Earth Index simply had it where all out of continuity "Earth-One" stories occurred. The Compendium appears to have split the difference listing Earth-Twelve and Earth-Thirty-Two as the two parts of "Earth-B".
  • The "Earth-B2" listing refers the reader back to Earth-Forty-Six which has no listing in the index. It is unknown what the features of that earth were (though the name implies some form of relationship to Earth-B).
  • The Crisis Index is inconsistent in the lists it provides for the appearances of various Earth; sometime it will give a specific story like SuperStar #14/1 and other times it will simply list an issue which becomes a problem when that issue has a lot of reprints such as World's Finest #227.
  • Three Earths detailed in the Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index and Official Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover Index are not listed in The Compendium: Alternate Earth-2 (Earth-Two-A), Crossover Earth (Earth-7642 in the Marvel Multiverse) and Earth-Quality. Similarly books that logically should have been assigned to the Earths listed (such a Super Friends Vol 1 for Earth-Thirty-Two) weren't listed at all.
  • The list in The Compendium is not complete. Some known alternate Earths were not included (Some examples are the famous two page "How Superman Would Win the War" (1940), the ancient Greece/ancient Israel mash-up world from Action Comics #308. the Earth where "The Super-panhandler of Metropolis" and "The Secret of the Wheel-Chair Superman!" take place, and some of the Earths seen in Superboy (Volume 4) #61 and Superboy (Volume 4) #62).
  • Various Earths that appeared after Crisis were identified in The Compendium (For example Thrillkiller was placed on Earth-61 and the Pocket Universe was called Earth-Twenty-Three).
  • The Absolute Edition went on sale Nov 30, 2005, one month before cover date of the first issue of Infinite Crisis meaning that Earths shown in Infinite Crisis don't always match up. For example, Earth-898 is used for what are clearly two different earths. Also Earth-247 and Earth-462 are one panel images with few details. A list of these Earths (along with the Earths mentioned in Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia) can be found at the List of DC Multiverse worlds wikipedia page under Cataloged
  • The Compendium gives conflicting information regarding the placement of Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths within the original Crisis series.
  • The Compendium makes claims about the references that are not always accurate. For example, it states Earth-295 was "revealed as a distinct parallel world in Superman (first series) #295" (sic) but the actual comic clearly states that the world Superman travels to is a possible future for Earth-One.
  • In 2015 there was a Crisis on Infinite Earths: Deluxe Edition released but it did not contain the same additional material as the Absolute Edition.
  • The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia (2010) and Crisis on Infinite Earths The Absolute Edition (2005) give conflicting information. For example, EWWE 2010 doesn't list the Earth-Forty Wonder Woman resulting in her adventures being assigned to Earth-One.
  • Convergence retroactively prevented destruction of the Pre-Crisis multiverse.
  • In Doomsday Clock #12 New Earth is named Earth-1985.

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