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"Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1": Harrison Nash Wells, now known as the Pariah, arrives on Earth-N52 just in time to witness its destruction. A voice states that this has been happening ever since he [[The Flash (2

Quote1 The Paragons have the ability to re-spark the Multiverse should my "brother" purge its existence. Quote2
The Monitor

Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #1 is an issue of the series Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2020. It was published on December 15, 2019.

Synopsis for "Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1"

Harrison Nash Wells, now known as the Pariah, arrives on Earth-N52 just in time to witness its destruction. A voice states that this has been happening ever since he released the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, Bethany Snow states that heroes of the Justice League have been erased from existence as a wall of antimatter sweeps the Heroes Square of Metropolis, and that no one can save them now. A man who witnessed Pariah appear out of nowhere asks if he this and if he can save them, but he states he can do nothing except try to guard them from the antimatter. The voice that has been recounting Pariah's travails introduces itself as Felicity Smoak and states this isn't the first time they encountered a world being destroyed, but it's the first time they've seen a multiverse being destroyed.

As the antimatter washes over him, Pariah finds that the man and his daughter he was trying to save have been erased. As he screams in agony, he arrives on Earth-F where Superman tells Lois Lane to move ack but she states she can't miss covering the greatest event of the century. Superman tries to take Lois away and Pariah warns him against the coming antimatter wave, but is too late. Lyla Michaels, the Harbinger, arrives there to find that Earth-F has been erased and Pariah vanishes before she can reach him. She however knows the Anti-Monitor will next attack Earth-X and swears to the Monitor Mar-Novu that she won't fail again. On Earth-X, the Freedom Fighters protect a train carrying weapons to the Allies from a Nazi ambush.

Red Tornado informs the Ray about an energy wave coming in behind them, but gets told to focus on their mission as the weapons are the final chance to turn the tide against the Nazis. Ray however finds the Nazis are shooting at the wall too, realizing they didn't create it, and gets teleported away by Harbinger to the Waverider on Earth-1 before they are all erased along with Earth-X. The Flash tells him that he and the other heroes have been summoned by the Monitor for assistance, but Ray demands he be teleported back to Earth-X. Mar Novu states that it's been erased and Felicity demands to know if her husband Oliver Queen is dead too, but he refuses to answer any of her questions stating she needs to achieve her purpose which will be saddening.

Wally West finds the Monitor's words worrying but he states the person they really require is Pariah who gets teleported to whatever world the Anti-Monitor has decided to destroy and need him to find his antimatter doppelgänger Outkast, though he doesn't tell the heroes exactly why. Felicity decides to hack the Waverider's A.I. after the Monitor refuses to tell where Oliver is and finds that he has died. She later berates him for not telling her and treating it casually, but Mar-Novu states that he died as a hero trying to save others. He informs her that Outkast knows the identity of the Paragons who can re-create the multiverse and she should find him in order to honor Oliver's legacy.

Lyla later talks to a weeping Felicity and admits she knew of Oliver's death, but couldn't reveal it as she didn't know what to tell her husband John. The Monitor informs the heroes of another universe being erased and sends a team of heroes to nab Outkast on Earth-76. As Outkast and Pariah fight each other, Wonder Woman tries saving a bunch of kids but soon gets wiped out by the antimatter wave. Nyssa shoots Outkast in the back with an arrow and states that she thinks he is a good man agonizing like Pariah at the destruction of the universes too. He however reveals he feels joy and is the one guiding the Anti-Monitor to universes he should destroy, in order to gain power for them both. Outkast abandons the heroes on Earth-76, but they are teleported back to Earth-1 by the Harbinger.

Felicity informs the just-returned Flash that they need Outkast to find the Paragons who can re-create the multiverse and thus Oliver as well. Flash however thinks she's in shock and tells her she needs rest, but she states that she's fine before finding Outkast in on Earth-D. Pariah agrees to take the heroes there and find that Outkast has released the Shadow Demons in Moscow to kill people. The Justice Alliance arrives to fight the demons and are assisted by Monitor's team. Felicity meanwhile states she would have tried to stop what's going to happen if she was there, as Outkast prepares to blast the Flash with antimatter. Kid Flash however jumps in front of his blast and gets killed, leading Flash to beat him up in anger.

Ray and Batwoman restrain Flash and state they need Outkast, while White Canary tells Harbinger that they failed. Pariah however arrives and absorbs his doppelgänger's antimatter and Harbinger has him imprisoned in a special chamber in the Monitor's satellite. Outkast however states that he doesn't know anything about the Paragons and they were just falsely led to think so by the Anti-Monitor, so he could kill them all by using himself as an anti-matter bomb, which he states can destroy their whole universe.

Appearing in "Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Infinite Luthor, Part 1"

On Earth-1938, Lex Luthor tries to escape a supermax prison after getting a sub-neural message from someone to join them and given a specific set of calculations to convince him. The alarm however soon starts blaring as the guards realize he has escaped his cell. A pair of guards order him to surrender, but he vaporizes one of them with a robotic fly he constructed, before being seemingly killed himself. Meanwhile on the Waverider, Lex Luthor of Earth-38 resents being made the Monitor's prisoner after being resurrected and tries to bribe Harbinger.

Harbinger however is knocked out and Lex finds himself freed by his doppelgänger from another universe who mocks him for not escaping earlier when other Luthors would have. Lex however reveals he could have escaped whenever he wished as he had stolen Harbinger's extra-dimensional breach device, but was waiting for the right moment. His doppelgänger tells him to stop gloating and takes him to Earth-99 in order to meet the "Council of Luthors", consisting of Luthors from across the Multiverse. One of them asks if he didn't receive their sub-neural transmissions, to which Lex states that he did but didn't care.

Lex states that he knows his counterparts from other realities want to take advantage of the multiversal crisis to fulfil their own purposes, but there won't be anything left if the Anti-Monitor destroys everything, which is why he wants the heroes to work under them. Everyone else disagrees and Lex decides to go to the heroes himself and guesses they'll plan to murder him so they can stop him. He meets Superman on "Earth-38" and tells him that he's trying to save the multiverse from the Anti-Monitor. Some people however are after him and he needs his assistance against them.

Lex soon gets abducted by one of his doppelgängers who unleashes a tentacled robot that grabs Superman in its grip. Clark resents coming back to Fortress of Solitude to retrieve a Kryptonian rattle for his son and proceeds to free himself from the robot. Going back to the fortress to request assistance against the collective of Luthors, he finds himself faced by Supermen from various universes as the Superman of Earth-96 states they need to talk.

Appearing in "Infinite Luthor, Part 1"

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  • Council of Luthors (Multiverse) (First appearance)
    • Alex Luthor (Unknown Earth) (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Alexandra Luthor (Unknown Earth) (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Alexei Luthor (Unknown Earth) (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Lex Luthor (Donnerverse) (First appearance chronologically)
    • Lex Luthor (Earth-96) (First appearance chronologically)
    • Lex Luthor (Super Friends) (First appearance chronologically)
    • Lex Luthor II (Unknown Earth) (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Harbinger/Lyla Michaels (Earth-1)

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Synopsis for "The Summoning!"

This story is reprinted from Crisis on Infinite Earths #1.

Death of Luthors 01

Death of Earth-Three

At the beginning of time, the Big Bang occurred, forming the universe. However, where there should have been one universe, there were many, each one a replication of the first, with their own separate histories. For in that instant a multiverse of worlds was born.

At the present time, a great white wall of pure anti-matter energy stretches out across the cosmos. It pervades the Multiverse, consuming entire galaxies. On an unknown parallel world, a being named Pariah arrives. He is forced to witness the death of multiple worlds in multiple dimensions. He disappears as he is transported to the parallel world known as Earth-Three. On that world, the Crime Syndicate, in a rare demonstration of heroism, strives to save their beleaguered planet. However, even their combined might cannot prevent their deaths at the anti-matter wall.

The planet's sole hero, Alexander Luthor, retreats to his home where his wife, Lois, holds their infant son, Alex, in her hands. Luthor places Alex into an experimental rocket capsule and launches him from the planet Earth. As Earth-Three dies, Alexander's capsule pierces the vibrational wall separating dimensions. It lands on the abandoned Justice League Satellite orbiting Earth-One.

On board another satellite, a being called the Monitor summons his assistant Harbinger. He instructs her to travel to various alternate Earths and bring together a select group of super-powered beings. Harbinger uses her power to create replicant versions of herself and sends them to the various Earths. The Monitor meanwhile, prepares to gather Alex Luthor's space capsule.

Monitor 01

The Monitor

The first of Harbinger's replicants travels to Earth-One and gathers Solovar (New Earth)King Solovar

Appearing in "The Summoning!"

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Synopsis for "Beyond the Silent Night"

This story is reprinted from Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

Overlooking the universes of the five Earths on a floating asteroid, Alex and Lyla are joined by Pariah, who asks what part the Monitor could have intended him to play in the Crisis. Lyla responds that she has been told the Monitor's plan and knows what part he'll play in the conclusion, representatives of six Earths most these plans: Earth-Two Superman; Earth-One Superman; Uncle Sam from Earth-X; Captain Marvel from Earth-S; and Blue Beetle from Earth-Four. Pariah obliges Lyla by taking them to the merged Earths.

On Earth-S, where everyone has been freed of Psycho-Pirate's spell, Sivana and Ibac are about to be captured by Captain Marvel when, suddenly, they fade from the Earth-S plane. Captain Marvel Jr., Tawky Tawny, Changeling, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl arrive seconds later.

In space, Brainiac has drawn Sivana and Ibac to his satellite and greets them as the latest members of a select group who will soon rule the universe. Captain Marvel and the other-Earth heroes and heroines note that the wall of anitmatter has vanished. Lyla appears nearby, explains the machinations of the Psycho-Pirate, and enlists Captain Marvel as representative of Earth-S to hear the story behind the Crisis.

On Earth-2, Yolanda Montez, the new Wildcat, stands unseen above Green Arrow, the Atom, and Liberty Belle when she overhears Atom declare that there will never be another Wildcat. Yolanda realizes that she must prove herself worthy of the name before revealing her new identity.

On Earth-4, Pariah contacts its heroes and their former opponents from Earths 1 and 2. Blue Beetle will represent his Earth to hear Pariah and Lyla's stories.

On Earth-X, the Freedom Fighters pledge to Starfire to help all they can.

All five Earths are still slowly merging. however, and time still runs riot on all of them. Finally, Lyla, Alex, and Pariah stand on the asteroid, with Lady Quark, Superman of Earth-I, Uncle Sam, Captain Marvel, Superman of Earth-2, and the Blue Beetle. The heroes want to battle, but Alex and Lyla tell them that they must know exactly what they are fighting. Now, Lyla begins her story at the beginning—ten billion years ago when Earth was little more than cooling gases, the inhabitants of Oa, at the center of the universe, were immortal and had the powers of the legendary gods, and always strove for continued advancement, but their science became perverted, for one of them, Krona, swore to discover the secret of the universe's creation. Others warned him away, vowing that legends told of destruction to come to any who plumbed the mysteries of Creation. Krona called them fools, and continued his studies. He built a time-viewer in which he observed a cosmic Hand holding the galaxies in its palm. An instant later, a bolt of energy blasted the viewscreen and his laboratory to bits. Had Krona been mortal, he too would have perished, but that would have been far better than what actually occurred. At that point, according to Lyla, the Anti-Matter Universe was formed, and the single Universe split many times into a Multiverse. All planets of the cosmos were duplicated in every universe, save for one—Oa. Oa's sole twin was in the anti-matter universe. Its name was Qward. For his cosmic crime. Krona was converted to insensible, disembodied energy, and sentenced to circle the universe forevermore. Twice he managed to assume human form again; twice again he was defeated. The Oans, feeling responsible for Krona's actions, were consumed by guilt. They had created Evil, so they must form a force to constrain it. Their first attempt to do so was the construction of Manhunter robots, which later proved defective. Their second, and better, solution was the creation of the Green Lantern Corps. Still, there were dissenters among the Oans who maintained that evil must be destroyed, not contained. These dissidents broke away from the Guardians, and evolved into the Controller race, which would one day encounter the Legion of Super-Heroes. Oa and Qward had one moon each. On the moon of Qward, the Anti-Monitor broke the surface and came to life, repository of the power of a cosmos, and on the moon of Oa. the Monitor burst from a crater, symbol of the power of the positive universe. The Anti-Monitor quickly conquered the world of Qward and created the lightning warriors known as the Thunderers. The Thunderer elite he converted into his shadow-demon warriors, and with them he spread a reign of terror throughout the anti-universe. He hungered for more worlds to conquer, but did not know anything existed but the universe of Qward. At this point, the Anti-Monitor sensed the presence of the Monitor, who had spent his existence in meditation and study. The Monitor found his evil twin as well, and the two locked in combat for a million years. They were equal in power, so neither could win, but finally, both struck simultaneously and rendered each other unconscious for nine billion years.

Pariah now takes up the tale, explaining that he himself came from an Earth alien to them all, on which he was the greatest scientist, responsible for weather control and the destruction of disease. He soon discovered the existence of the Multiverse, and used that knowledge to learn the origin of the universe, despite the legends common to all planes that such knowledge would lead to destruction. He observed the creation while protected in an anti-matter chamber, but in so doing, he fulfilled the legend. A chain reaction of anti-matter destroyed his Earth, and then his universe. That cataclysm awoke the Anti-Monitor. The anti-matter universe expanded to fill the void left by the death of Pariah's universe, and he fed on its power. He realized that by destroying every positive-matter universe, he would gain all power in the cosmos. However, Lyla interrupts, the cataclysm also woke the Monitor, who vowed to fight back and protect the Multiverse. He viewed Pariah in an energy-globe learned what had happened, and deduced how the last survivor could be used to protect those who would stand at the end.

For mobility, the Monitor created his satellite-ship. He realized Pariah could sense where disaster impended, and they gave him the power to be drawn into other universes endangered by the anti-matter. But the death of each succeeding cosmos weakened him and strengthened his enemy. Then, the Monitor scoured all Earths to find heroes to act as soldiers in the Crisis, and so found her, a child adrift at sea, clinging to the remains of a sunken ship. He rescued her, raised her... and, she says, he was repaid with death. Superman of Earth-2 comforts her, saying they understand that she was being controlled, then asks Alex to tell his story. Before Alex can reply, Lady Quark must be restrained from killing Pariah. He is responsible for the force which destroyed her universe and family, she says. Uncle Sam demands she stop, saying that Pariah has suffered enough, and that they must now band together to save the worlds which remain.

The five Earths continue to merge, and all the heroes on them fear for their friends and allies who have joined the Monitor's aides in the war on the Anti-Monitor. Indeed, the Spectre maintains, not even his power would be effective in the anti-matter universe, but other heroes have been chosen: Mon-El, the Supermen of Earth-1 and Earth-2, Lady Quark, Captain Atom, Jade, Green Lantern of Earth-2, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, the Ray, John J'onzz, Wildfire, Firestorm, Dr. Light and Supergirl.

Alex reveals his secret power: being composed of both positive and negative matter, he can open a portal between their multiverse and the anti-matter universe. Pariah can then guide them to their enemy. Alex then tears open a space-warp and admits the heroes and heroines into the universe of Qward. Finally, the heroes arrive at the bizarre fortress of the Anti-Monitor. They have been watched by their foe, who orders the Psycho-Pirate to make them emotionally controlled slaves. The Pirate, fearfully, tells his master that controlling the three Earths has exhausted his power, and he must recharge. The Anti-Monitor angrily knocks him down, and prepares to take charge personally.

In the fortress, the heroes search for their enemy. Abruptly, Pariah is gripped by a stony hand—the fortress wall, itself — but he is invulnerable to harm. However, Superman of Earth-2, is knocked reeling by another such hand. Monsters materialize from the walls and begin fighting the Monitor's warriors. The heroes can barely hold a stalemate, for these monsters, once smashed, can reform in seconds. Superman is in the forefront, searching for the Anti-Monitor while the others hold off the monsters. Pariah leads the way, with Dr. Light by his side. Suddenly, a thrusting trunk of stone seemingly obliterates Pariah. Dr. Light vows that the Anti-Monitor will pay for that death and blazes off. Superman catches up with her near a huge machine, which she identifies as a solar collector the villain is using to reduce the vibrational frequencies of the Earths, and thus merge and annihilate them. Superman vows to destroy it.

Then Anti-Monitor strikes Superman, and his cry of pain is heard by Supergirl, who heads to her cousin's side. Dr. Light attacks the enemy, but is rebuffed. He continues pounding the near-helpless Man of Steel. Racing to the scene, Supergirl passes Pariah, digging himself out of the rubble. The Anti-Monitor is about to kill Superman with an energy blast when Supergirl crashes into the villain with all her might. She delivers blow after blow, screaming, while Dr. Light looks on, inspired by her courage and selflessness. But the villain is too powerful. He knocks Supergirl back with a mighty smash, repulses her with a power-blast, and announces that he will kill Superman, and then her. Bleeding, she shouts that he will never kill Superman, and rips the floor from underneath him, causing his blast to miss her cousin. Then she pounds the enemy again and again, as the villain screams that she is destroying his life-shell. Dr. Light, watching, realizes the selfishness of her own life compared to Supergirl's, and announces that the Girl of Steel has shown him the true path. Superman, groggily, calls for his cousin.

The battered Anti-Monitor smashes Supergirl away again. His body has been almost totally destroyed by her pulverizing blows, and his energy is now waning. Super-girl goes to her cousin's side, and takes him to Dr. Light, telling her to take him to the others after she makes her move. Turning, she rockets into the Anti-Monitor, and sends them both into the massive vibration-reducing machine, turning it into scrap. She smashes at her foe's prostrate body, screaming that his scheme is over at last. Dr. Light is horrified by the combat, and calls for Supergirl to offer help. When Kara turns to reply, the Anti-Monitor grabs her with both hands and sends a titanic energy burst through her body. As Superman screams her name, Supergirl falls.

The Anti-Monitor, his body in ruins, shambles off to a portion of his fortress which is used as a spacecraft, and escapes. He needs time to heal, but he swears to stand triumphant "at the dawn of time." With his departure, the fortress begins to fall apart. Green Lantern of Earth-2 contacts the other heroes. Wild-fire reports that they have destroyed the merging-machine, but they've also had a casualty. Superman, holding his still-conscious cousin, begs her to live. Bleeding from many wounds, Kara tries to console him. He tells her that she ruined the villain's machine, and she gives thanks that she has given the Earths a chance to live. She asks him not to cry, tells him she loves him, and dies in his arms. Superman screams in anguish. He cries out for vengeance, but Superman of Earth-2 restrains him, telling him that Kara's sacrifice has given them a chance to save the five Earths, and his lust for revenge might endanger that chance. With the fortress coming apart, the heroes must leave. Superman takes Supergirl's body and follows his friends. Now empty, the fortress disintegrates. For the most part, the five Earths are for now out of danger. The time distortion has ceased, and the Earths remain linked, if not fully merged. Soon afterward, the worlds receive the news of Super-girl's death and a memorial service is held in Chicago. Thousands of people, including many super-heroes, and a grieving Brainiac 5, attend. Batgirl makes the opening address, praising her friend, while Lois Lane oversees the broadcast.

Later, Superman leaves his Fortress of Solitude with the body of Supergirl, wrapped in her indestructible cape, and sets her free in space, promising to remember and miss her forever.

Appearing in "Beyond the Silent Night"

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  • The Luthors and the Supermen in the same story are modeled after their various versions and costumes throughout history.

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