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Crisis on Infinite Earths was a twelve-issue limited series published from April of 1985 until March of 1986. Written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Pérez, it represents one of the most significant landmark events of the DC Universe. Commonly referred to simply as the Crisis, this series effectively negated the continuity supplied during the publishing eras known as the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics. The title featured virtually every known character in the DC Universe and culiminated in the deaths of several key characters including the Silver Age Supergirl and the Flash. In 2006, a sequel series entitled Infinite Crisis illustrated the ramifications wrought by the events chronicled in the original Crisis series.




As for whether it was necessary, the answer is yes it was because it got Marvel readers to buy DC Comics for the first time and prior to Crisis they weren't. That each time it's been reprinted it outsells all DCs projections indicate the fan's feelings for it as a real classic. Also, that it was voted in the CBG poll as the 2nd best comics story of the 20th century says what the majority feels.

Publishers do things for only one reason - to sell books. The thinking behind CRISIS was that new readers would be confused by the multiple Earths and various incarnations of the heroes, so doing away with them would make things simpler. Perhaps if they'd come up with a way to wipe the memories of all their current readers clean, this would have worked. Unfortunately, long-time DC fans did not forget all the stories they'd been reading for 25+ years and each attempt to "fix" things just made it worse.[1]