Cristopher Rudd was a teacher of swordplay and etiquette while living.

He discovered that his wife cheated him with his master, and in a spite of rage, he killed his master's son, Harry. Recognizing what has he done, he let himself be captured and condemned. After his deat, his soul departed to Hell, to the city of Effrul, were demons tortured him and hundreds differents souls, to produce a drug called Pain. He suffered ages this destiny, never loosing his faith, assuming that everything had a reason decreed by God.

After some years, Lady Lys, daughter of the Lord Arux of Effrul decided to take as a mate a damned soul, to enerve a partner who spurned her, but she found the novelty intoxicating and kept him. Rudd learned about Pain, and how was made, and asked why God allow this treatment without a guaranty of cleansing of the soul. He was angry at Lys, who forced Pain unto him and raped him. For this, he talked with the damned about their first love, their desperation and solitude, and created an special batch of Pain to give to Lys. She was devastated with the feeling. For the first time in her life she felt what a human felt, and she could never forget nor forgive Rudd for this. Rudd also discovered an insurrection against Lord Arux, and helped him stop it, so he was given the title of Duke of Glys for his help. He could not be touched by Lys then, as he was protected in his new title.[1]

A year later, Lucifer will have a duel with Amenadiel in Effrul. As Remiel decreed, Lucifer stayed in Glys, with Rudd, and Amenadiel in Effrul with Arux. Remiel secretly plotted to let Heaven win the match, so his position would not be damaged if Lucifer winned the duel. Rudd had to take care of the protections of Lucifer against differents tries of assasination, and was warned by Lys of a complot by his father and Amenadiel to fix the battle. Rudd used this information to change the tides in favor of Lucifer, and so he won the duel and killed Amenadiel. Remiel had no other choice to let Lucifer win, and put all the guilt on Arux, who was not killed only by the petition of Rudd. Lys then became in the Lady of Effrul.[2]

Some time later, Rudd decided to impart a new doctrine of salvation in Hell, and the damned and the demons were hearing him. Remiel saw this as a direct effront to him, and to the decrees of God, so he decided to punish him if he didn't repent. He did not, and his soul was about to be divided into hundred of parts for all eternity, but Duma decided against. Duma told Remiel that Cristopher doctrine was the right one and gave him the key's of Hell, making him the ruler from that moment on.[3]

When Lillith and the Lilim, along with the host created by Sandalphon decided to attack Heaven, Lucifer went to ask Cristopher Rudd for help in this battle. Rudd at this time was against God, because he abandoned creation and all the damned souls to their luck, without a possibility of salvation, and thus was torn into helping Heaven or let it fall. Lastly he decided to march against the Lilim and against Heaven. He helped Lucifer in the end, into take control of Heaven, so Elaine Belloc could sit on the Primum Mobile and save all creations of been destroyed. His last act was to valiantly stay in the way of Fenris and confront him, giving time to Elaine control the Primum Mobile. Fenris destroyed him completely.[4]

Elaine, recognizing all of his effort, asked Meleos to go with Solomon and pass judgegment on Rudd before he was destroyed by the damaged caused by Fenris. Solomon found him pure, and so, after ages of torture, and from rising from being a damned to Lord of Hell, Rudd could finally ascend and his soul found peace, dissapearing in the ether.[5]




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