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The Croatoans was a group of detectives that met regularly at the House of Mystery. It consisted of Edogawa Sangaku, Terri Thirteen, Elongated Man, Detective Chimp, and Tim Trench.


They were known for having unlocked the mysteries of Stonehenge, Easter Island, Kasper Hauser, and even the television series Lost.

After the death of his wife, Sue, Elongated Man stopped attending meetings.

Several months later, Tim Trench was found dead at a meeting. He was wearing the Helmet of Nabu and turned to water when touched.


  • The Croatoans presumably named themselves for the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Roanoke Colony, where everyone vanished leaving behind one word of graffitti, "croatoa". In DC Comics, the solution to mystery was laughably simple and obvious: an immortal time traveling fae preparing to go to war with his ex-wife. They must have solved that in, like, a day, tops.

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