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Crowdark was an enemy of the Doom Patrol.

An ancient spirit watching over Violet Valley, Crowdark once lived in a truce with Foxfur wherein he worshiped the sun while she worshiped the moon. However, this uneasy truce was broken one night when Crowdark got drunk and, along with her companion, drank from Foxfur's collection of souls.[1] Enraged, Foxfur drove Crowdark's companion away, and thus, the two spirits spent millennia warring against each other.[2]

Many hundreds of years later, the two beings geared up for their latest melee. Crowdark began collecting preteen girls from Violet Valley's local population to create the Wild Girls, while Foxfur recruited the denizens of a nearby senior rest home to form the Old Foxes.[3][4]



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