Known only as the "Crown Prince", this man was a scientist and underling of Doctor Anton Arcane.

He was responsible for developing a pheromone serum designed to provoke violent rages against a selected target. Arcane deemed the experiment a failure and the Crown Prince opted to get rid of it. Arcane told him not to, citing that nothing should ever be thrown away. The Prince neglected these instructions however and attempted to dump the toxic chemicals into the swamp. The Swamp Thing emerged and stopped the Prince from poisoning the swamp. While trying to secure the jar containing the fluid, the Swamp Thing inadvertently loosened the cap and the fluid began to quickly evaporate. Tressa Kipp was nearby and inhaled the vapors, thus making herself a target for anyone who came within close proximity to her. The Swamp Thing forced the Crown Prince to develop an antidote to the vapor, and he quickly pieced together a serum that would reverse its effects.


  • Chemistry: The Crown Prince was an expert in the field of chemistry.




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