Quote1 Let the guilty tremble. Let them fear, for I will find them wherever they hide. Find them and cleanse their stain from this universe! Let the crusade begin! Quote2
-- Crusade src

Crusade was a sleeper agent human bred and mentally programmed by the intergalactic Knights of the Order of the Crusade, whom Crusade refers to as the Divine Ones, as an enemy to any Kherubim presence on Earth by viewing them as a threat to the planet. Eventually the Knights mysteriously disappeared leaving Crusade alone to continue the campaign of destruction against the Kherubim he was taught to destroy with his own name being lost to time. To that end he traveled to Earth after thousands of years of exile as the last of his kind where he encountered and befriended Union before continuing on his crusade.[1] Unable to find the Kherubim and bored of endless vigilance, Crusade went undercover as a university professor teaching medieval history and ethics until a chance meeting with the WildCats awakened his warrior instincts.[2]

After fighting the Wildcats, Crusade found out that the Kherubim on Earth were not the evil monsters he made them out to be after being convinced by Savant of their nobler qualities which befuddled his mental programming. Deciding he’s not much more than a nuisance, Savant had him teleported to Antarctica, promising to leave him be if he did not attack again and to kill him if he tried.[3]


Crusade later appeared again aiding in the relief efforts after the destruction of most of the Earth. He last appeared in Nairobi, Kenya helping with relief efforts.[4]


  • Superhuman Strength: Crusade possesses superhuman strength on the level where he can tangle and damage the likes of Majestic and easily knock out Maul.
  • Superhuman Speed: Crusade can move from being placed in Earth’s upper atmospheric hemispheres back to a location of Earth of his choosing minutes after being teleported.
  • Flight: Crusade can move through the air using his own force of will.
  • Superhuman Durability: Although not invulnerable, Crusade’s body is strong enough to withstand multiple attacks from Kherubim like Majestic, Union, and the forces of the WildCats. His body is hard enough not be pierced by the likes of Warblade.
  • Enhanced Senses: Crusade can detect the presence of Kherubim strictly by scent alone.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Crusade is expertly trained in combat to the point he can easily outmaneuver Zealot and the other WildCats with a combination of finesse and physical force
  • Multilingualism: Crusade can speak flawless Kheran and keep track of conversations spoken in the language and is said to have an intuitive grasp of any foreign languages once heard.



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