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The Crusaders were formed by the Department of Defense to increase public faith in the government.


Originally, Director Robbins wanted the Freedom Fighters to be the front-line of defense against American threats, but some of the FF heroes refused, as they did not want to be recruited for simple police duties.

Uncle Sam, Firebrand, Human Bomb and Doll Man left, leaving the rest of the team to do "surveillance" for the Department.

When the "new recruits" became celebrities, Phantom Lady, was unable to cope with the media attention and went on a binge spree. She would drunkenly slice a criminal in half on national television.

While the "Fighters" image was quickly becoming undermined, Robbins proposed another new band of heroes, and soon unveiled the Crusaders: Magno, Captain Triumph, Citizen X and the Libertine.

Later, it was revealed that Robbins had mental powers that he used to control the Crusaders and Phantom Lady, which influenced her binge.


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