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Cryonic Man was an enemy of the Outsiders.

Philip and his wife, Melissa, were part of a cryogenic experiment of Professor Raymond during the 40s as they all feared the holocaust would destroy them. They remained frozen for four decades when Philip was eventually released. Unfortunately, he realized that his companions were dead, but their consciousness remained alive in the machine. Talking to them, he lied and told them that they are still under threat from the outside world and started gathering human organs in order to revive them.

Philip adopted the identity of the Cryonic Man and started stealing transplant organs from various hospitals in Gotham City using special cryogenic equipment from Raymon's laboratory. His actions caused him to be confronted by the Outsiders and he kidnapped Katana to use all her organs and transplant them to his wife's body. The Cryonic Man's plan was thwarted by the Outsiders and he was murdered by his frozen companions when they learned the truth about their deaths and Philip's activities.



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