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The Cult of the Blood Red Moon is an ancient gathering of Vampires, often organized to eliminate and defeat protectors of mankind.


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Shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Spectre's powers were reduced and he was returned to Earth as a punishment. At that moment, the Cult was disbanded, but their new leader, Winston Scullis gathered the remaining members and organized them in an effort to eliminate The Spectre.[1] Although they failed in this mission, Spectre couldn't stop the Cult altogether and they escaped the ghost's vengeance.[2]

After a brief hiatus, the Cult attacked Spectre once again, but their efforts were thwarted by other mystical entities. However, their power grew stronger and the Cult continued their dark rituals in which they summoned a demonic entity as their new source of power.[3] Once they gathered enough power, the Cult attacked Madame Xanadu using dark magic. They had learned she was acting as a protector and counselor to The Spectre and they sought to eliminate them both. Thanks to an elaborate plan involving Xanadu's tarot cards, the Cult managed to magically restrain her, while disrupting the mystic energies at her parlor.[4][5] The demonic entity they had summoned was much responsible for the success of the attack, but eventually, their plans were thwarted by the combined efforts of the Spectre and his human host, Jim Corrigan. The Cultists managed to flee and avoided Spectre's attack, if only for a short time.[6][7] In less than a day, the Cult was tracked down by Corrigan and Spectre and this time, the whole faction that operated in New York City was eliminated by Spectre.[8]

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