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The Cult of the Cold Flame was an organization founded by the four old hero magicians - Sargon the Sorcerer, Zatara, Mister E, and Tannarak - after they had gotten so powerful, they believed they could form an army of cult members and rule them as gods.


Zatara, at some point, defected from the Cult and later worked against it until his death. Sargon the Sorcerer's place as leader of the cult was usurped by his daughter, who also took his name as Sargon the Sorceress.[1]

The Cult was active while Constantine was first training to be a professional magician. Nick Necro, Constantine's mentor, allied himself with the Cult in an effort to find more information about the mysterious Books of Magic.[2]

In the modern day though, Constantine actively worked against the Cold Flame as their greatest enemy as the three remaining leaders sought unimaginable, evil, magical power in any way they could get it. After vanquishing Mister E with the Moonblade, Constantine actually stole his place as a leader of the Cult, deciding to take it down from the inside-out. When his intentions were finally discovered, Constantine sprung a plan into action to finally destroy the other two leaders, but the plan failed, causing the deaths of two other magicians and the Cold Flame to continue operating with only two leaders.[3]

Having been passed over as avatar for the Green, Jason Woodrue came to the Cult of the Cold Flame in order to learn the secrets of magic, back when Mister E was still a living member.[4]

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