Curaré is an international assassin of great renown, an enemy of the second Batman.

Nobody remembers Curaré's real name, and nobody has seen her face apart from Batman. But everybody knows she's deadly and possesses an unending knowledge of killer tactics. She is an excellent martial artist and was designed to kill by the Society of Assassins. The Society gave her a scimitar with an edge no thicker than a molecule, enabling it to cut through anything.

In the Society of Assassins, the price of failure was death, and Curaré was the first to run afoul of that rule, finally meeting her match in the form of Batman and Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Working together, the pair managed to capture Curaré and save Gordon's husband, district attorney Sam Young, from her lethal blade. Curaré managed to escape, but then had to face the fatal consequences of her failure.

She, however, managed to turn the tables on the Society of Assassins, hunting every one of them down and erasing their minds, before they had a chance to kill her. She eventually destroyed the entire Society one at a time, with Mutro Botha being the last but despite assistance from Batman, Curaré claimed him as well. She was soon captured by Batman during their final confrontation. Despite her failure to kill the one target she blamed for her downfall, Curaré nonetheless succeed in wiping out the entire Society of Assassins and can thus be considered to be the best assassin left in the world.



Curare wields a scimitar whose edge is no thicker than a molecule due to being sharpened with lasers. Hence, it can cut through anything. She can also use the sword defensively to deflect gunfire.

Curare has also employed other weapons like throwing daggers and smoke bombs as needed.


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