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Corrupt businessman Curtis Base had decided to turn to a full life of crime and replace whom he believed to be one of the best and most recognizable villains—The Joker.

Believing the original Joker dead, he used a life-like mask to disguise himself as him and began a crime wave with a series of gag-based murders.

Unfortunately for Base, the original Joker was merely injured and traumatized, not dead. Base and the original Joker ended up battling for the exclusive right of using the name. The fight between the two ended as Batman intervened and Base attempted to replicate the accident that created the Joker by leaping into a vat with corrosive chemicals.

Unfortunately for him, the acids in the mixture were far more concentrated than those that originally bleached the Joker's skin and turned the Joker's hair green. Base simply dissolved in the acid.

Other Characteristics


  • Base wanted to replace the original Joker and become the only Joker. But like Paul Sloane who only supplements as the second Two-Face, Base is only acknowledged as the second Joker.
  • Base is usually drawn as thinner than the original Joker.



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