Curtis Eisenmann was a former police officer of the GCPD.

Curtis was born in an immigration camp in the British sector of West Germany. He was taken to America by his mother, Birgit and his grandfather, who was a Nazi war criminal.

Curtis was raised in America, but the lack of affection from his mother towards him caused him to leave home early. When he was of age, Curtis joined the GCPD as a helicopter pilot. Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible accident during the Batman: Year One incident. He lost most of his skin and some of his limbs.

Curtis was rescued by his mother, who used her technology and provided him with a second chance using the robotic suit known as "Marauder". Curtis was determined to get revenge against Batman, but his confrontations only caused his mother to become attracted to the vigilante.

Curtis was then allowed to use the Marauder II, a bigger version of the suit and captured Batman in order to bring him to his mother. The disgusting display of lust and affection Birgit had for Batman caused Curtis to turn against his mother and destroy the building after the final confrontation. Although Birgit died in the explosion, Curtis was still alive moments after the incident.




  • Missing Limb: Curtis lost his left leg and his jaw during a helicopter crash.
  • Monstrous Appearance: As a result of the accident, Curtis' skin was almost completely burnt and his facial structure resembled that of a monster.
  • Technological Reliability: Curtis relies on the Marauder suits to perform normal activities as well as the robotic prosthetics designed by his mother.


  • Marauder Suits: The robotic suits designed by his mother allowed Curtis to fly and wreak havoc wherever he went.



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