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Quote1.png You taught me that everything we do, as scientists and as people, should have a reason. That nothing--actions or idea--exists in a vacuum. The guy who knows that can't be the cruel, thoughtless man they're saying he is. I refuse to believe it. Quote2.png
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A genius scientist and poster-boy for Alva Industries, Curtis Metcalf was blamed for causing Dakota City's Big Bang by his own former boss, Edwin Alva. To protect himself, Curtis developed a suit of power armor and the identity Hardware to let him clear his name and get vengeance on Alva.



  • Hardware: The Hardware Armor is a powerful suit of armor of Metcalf's own design, equiped using a Shell Forge[2], and partially piloted by an artificial intelligence named P.O.P. The suit contains a wide array of weapons, including knives, sonic pulse weapons, and plasma weapons.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: The Hardware Armor fully protects Metcalf from most weaponry,[2] although individual components can be damaged.[1]
    • Flight: The Armor comes with both a removable jetpack and thrust boots, allowing Metcalf to fly at high speeds.[1][3] The armor's standard maximum altitude is approximately 22,000 feet, but it can reach up to 38,000 feet if allof the suit's power is focused on its flight and oxygen systems.[3]

  • Prior to becoming Hardware, Curtis partnered with Virgil Hawkins, who later become the hero Static, for a science program.[4][3]