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"Rubble & Revelations": At STAR Labs in Detroit, Victor Stone is fighting off a biomechanical monster that has grabbed his leg. From nearby, his father and Sarah Charles watch in horror... only for him to be rescued by another Sarah Charles, who cuts into the beasts' head with a high-tech br

Quote1.png Just once I'd like to see something where cyborgs aren't the enemy. Cybermen, Cylons and Borg, oh my. Do you have any idea what that kind of negative representation can do to your self-esteem? Quote2.png
Cyborg (Victor Stone)

Cyborg #5 is an issue of the series Cyborg (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2016. It was published on December 2, 2015.

Synopsis for "Rubble & Revelations"

At STAR Labs in Detroit, Victor Stone is fighting off a biomechanical monster that has grabbed his leg. From nearby, his father and Sarah Charles watch in horror... only for him to be rescued by another Sarah Charles, who cuts into the beasts' head with a high-tech broadsword, killing it and incidentally severing part of Victor's leg.

Men in armor emerge from nowhere and save Victor and his two friends. Victor shouts that he has to stay, to fight the Technosapiens who will otherwise kill people, but the other Sarah insists that he is all the Technosapiens want, and that as soon as he leaves, they will go dormant.

in a flash, Cyborg, both Sarahs, Dr Stone, and the armored men vanish. The Technosapiens admit that they cannot follow him, but that they will remain here, and wait for him to return, at which point they will try to subvert him again.

Meanwhile, the Metal Men react with rage, as their creator, Will Magnus, who has been subverted by the Technosapiens, uses nanotechnology to subvert other humans. As they cannot fight these invaders, they run to a nearby building, where they meets some human survivors led by Sebastian Cordona, who they manage to convince of their good intentions. No-one knows where Victor Stone is...

Meanwhile, Victor and his group have landed on a parallel Earth, the home of the other Sarah Charles. In a Detroit in ruins they find another STAR Labs, where the administrator, a woman in a wheelchair with advanced goggles, explains that their group works to flood this planet's atmosphere with particles which prevent the Technosapiens from operating here. From here, they can fight. Cyborg says he is willing to help, but first he needs to show them something.

Once every scanning array in this facility is turned upon him and he is connected to their computers, he activates his regeneration protocol and regrows the limb that he just lost. As soon as he has a new human leg, he alters it so that it resembles his other cybernetic one. His friends are amazed at this new ability, which Victor explains is something that developed newly at the beginning of this adventure, and must be something unconnected to his other technology. The administrator contradicts this assessment: based on the readings, this is a natural outgrowth of the technology that he already had.

In fact, the administrator continues, it is entirely possible that the original creators of the Technosapiens wanted to create technology like Victor's, but miscalculated. Now they want Victor, who they were only able to find due to the signals generated by his new technology.

Back on Prime Earth, the Technosapiens are having a conclave. They want Victor Stone to return to Earth, to "save" them, but they are forced to wait. They console themselves with the knowledge that there are many people on this planet who are in need of healing, and they can pass their time "delivering them from existence".

In the other STAR Labs, Dr Stone is reviewing the files of a Technosapien who was captured, and is surprised to discover that the soldier recorded a trove of data that was never deleted. Though Victor warns him that the knowledge could be dangerous, Dr Stone is confident: he is a scientist working at the top of his field, and this is his field. While he may not be able to process raw data as fast as his son, he can filter it through his knowledge to achieve better overall results.

Working together, the two review what they know: the Technosapiens want Victor for his technology, specifically the nanotech that links his brain and nervous system with his prostheses and is the basis of his new regeneration protocol. The nanotech was something that STAR Labs acquired from elsewhere, but which they refined for years before they used it on Victor. The Technosapiens' nanotechnology may come from the same source, but it has been corrupted so it functions as a parasite, not linking with the brain but overwriting it. This makes Victor melancholy as he realises that the world is under attack from the stereotype of science-fiction that he despises the most: power-mad robots out to take over the world.

Back in Detroit, Sebastian Cordona is running from Technosapiens, but is rescued by the Metal Men.

On the other Earth, Cyborg is maudlin as he peruses the Technosapien corpse, but he is met by Sarah, who just wants to hug him and listen to his heartbeat. Cyborg is nonplussed by this, but it seems to make her happy, and she leaves him alone afterwards, which confuses him.

Later, Cyborg is trying to convince the others of the efficacy of his plan to back and fight the Technosapiens. The administrator worries that it will not be enough, but Cyborg is willing to try, and this world's Sarah Charles and her armored supporters are more than willing to back him up.

Assembling in the courtyard, the group readies. On a count of three, they are teleported back to Prime Earth to settle this fight once and for all!

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