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Cyclones were H.I.V.E. Academy-created clones of Cyborg.

When the H.I.V.E. Academy was destroyed in a fight with Cyborg, Brother Blood used Cyborg's blueprints to recreate his enemy. Blood believed that if one Cyborg was good enough to defeat him, an army would be unstoppable. Blood created hundreds of Cyclones to act as his new "students" at the new H.I.V.E. Academy.

Brother Blood began his first siege on Titans Tower East with his new army of Cyclones. The robots proved too powerful for the new team of Titans East and they were captured. Only Cyborg remained who defeated Brother Blood and activated the tower's security system.

During Brother Blood's second siege, the brainwashed Titans East and another army of Cyclones finally managed to defeat Cyborg. Lukily, the original Teen Titans saved Cyborg just in time to take back the tower. Brother Blood was defeated and taken to jail.The rest of the Cyclones were presumably confiscated and deactivated.


  • Removable Limbs: Cyclone can easily be taken apart like any other robot. If he is taken apart too far, he will stop functioning entirely.[1]
  • Sound Blasts: Cyclone, like Cyborg, can shoot sound blasts out of his right arm. However, Cyclones' blasts are yellow instead of blue.
  • Superhuman Strength

Other Characteristics

  • Restricted Senses: Cyborg states that his cybernetic eye cannot see ultra-violet lights. Since Cyclone is an exact replica of Cyborg, Cyclone cannot see the rays either. Cyborg uses this fact against the robots by flashing an ultra-violet light in front of him, making him practically invisible to Cyclone.[2]



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