Quote1 You seem to prefer a more nomadic existence. That makes you something of a trans-dimensional... gypsy. Quote2
Director Waller src


  • Illusion Casting: Gypsy was born with magical abilities. One of these is the ability to bend light around an object or person in order to make it appear to be someone or something that it isn't. Gypsy uses this ability to assume the form of someone else in order to escape detection.
  • Energy Absorption: Cynnthia, like her father. Is a transdimensional energy battery which can constantly absorb and harness energy from the multiverse by traveling through it constantly. Through this her mother could could use her like a way-point marker to reach into the Prime Earth Universe with.[1]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Gypsy's ability is visual in nature which means if she were ever to be found out or forced to fight she must use her own techniques. Gypsy's been trained in hand-to-hand combat since her time on her planet.


  • Vulnerability to Acute Senses: Gypsy's ability is only visual in nature which means that if someone were to recognize her smell or the lack of a smell then she would be found out.

  • While Gypsy's abilities are mostly visual, she can also change the way she sounds—allowing her to mimick voices or imitate footfalls.
  • This character's name has been the subject of disapproval in recent years, as the term "Gypsy" is considered by most Romani people to be a harmful ethnic slur.



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