Quote1 Her name is Gypsy. And she's what's known on my Earth as a collector. Quote2
-- H.R. Wells src

Cynthia Reynolds [1], also known as Gypsy, was a collector on Earth-19, who was responsible for bringing dimension jumpers back to Earth-19 to be sentenced to death, as it was illegal on their Earth after a neighboring Earth invaded theirs. Gypsy was assigned to bring back H.R. Wells, who had traveled to Earth-1 after being exposed as a fraud. When Gypsy arrived, she quickly overpowered the team at S.T.A.R. Labs, and H.R. accepted his fate. However, Cisco Ramon stepped up to defend H.R., as challenging Gypsy to combat to the death could allow H.R. to escape his sentence. Cisco managed to defeat Gypsy by targeting her balance, but refused to kill her. Gypsy left to return to Earth-19, falsely reporting that H.R. was killed.[2]

Gypsy made her way to Earth-2 for unknown reasons, where she was captured by Grodd to be used for her time-breaching powers to travel to Earth-1.[3]

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