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Doctor Cyril Psycho was a misogynist embittered by being continually rejected by women, who became obsessed by Wonder Woman.

He clashed repeatedly with Wonder Woman, sometimes using the ectoplasmic alter ego Captain Wonder, an idealized version of Colonel Steve Trevor lifted from the Colonel's mind. He teamed up with the Silver Swan in this form, and later recruited her again for an elaborate scheme which involved transforming the Swan into a duplicate Wonder Woman, promising the Swan that she could have Captain Wonder as a mate if she aided him; in fact though, he was trying to win the Swan's affections for himself. When the Swan realized Captain Wonder was not real she abandoned Psycho, who in an act of revenge destroyed his own equipment, causing the Swan to lose her power of flight several thousand feet above the Earth. Psycho saw the Swan plummet to her doom as he himself lay dying, caught in the explosion that resulted from his engaging the self destruct button on his Ectoplasmitron machine.


  • Ectokinesis: Acting through a medium he has hypnotized (or by using his Ectoplasmic Extractor), Doctor Psycho can extract Ectoplasm from the spirit world and use it for a variety of effects. He can mold the ectoplasm to disguise his own physical features, and can also use it to create simulacrums of other individuals. He once used this power to create a super-powered identity which he called Captain Wonder.[1]


  • Misogyny: Doctor Psycho developed a hatred for all women after being rejected by them so often.


  • Ectoplasmic Extractor: a machine given to him by the Monitor, which he used to draw raw ectoplasm from the Netherverse.



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