Quote1 Oliver Queen has nothing left except Green Arrow. So we'll simply steal that away... by turning Seattle against him. Quote2
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Cyrus Broderick is the Chief Financial Officer of Queen Industries, a leading director of the Ninth Circle and the nemesis of Oliver Queen.

Primal Instincts

Broderick contacts Oliver over a buyer for Queen Industries' Carbon Nanotube Battery from Seoul, requesting his presence in the meeting. Oliver tries to convince Broderick to handle it without him, but he refuses to take no for an answer. Oliver, who had been bitten by a Warg earlier, abruptly leaves the meeting upon noticing Kraken, a Korean gangster. Broderick is then handling the deal himself - until Oliver and Kraken crash into the restaurant, forcing everyone in the restaurant to evacuate.


Broderick and other high-ranking board members of the Ninth Circle, bearing masks, were in the process of "purchasing" homeless people from the Underground Men's auction, only to be interrupted by the Green Arrow and Black Canary. The heroes manage to save the kidnapped people, with Arrow promising to find the masked Broderick.

The Life and Death of Oliver Queen

He is later confronted by Oliver Queen over anonymous accounts and resources of Queen Industries being used for unknown purposes. Broderick reassures Oliver that there is no such problem, but then immediately proceeds to inform the other members of the Ninth Circle about Oliver's awareness of their activities. He then has Oliver's assistant Wendy killed and tasks Shado with assassinating him, and then tarnishes Oliver's memory by planting false evidence and spreading lies of drug addiction, alcohol problems, misappropriated funs, workplace bullying and philandering.

Broderick and some of his Ninth Circle minions are later confronted by the Green Arrow at Queen Tower. Broderick reveals his knowledge of Oliver's double life and then taunts him over having taken away all his fortune, before Shado arrives, the two archers battling. Broderick then reports to Dante, the Ninth Circle's leader, the news of Oliver's survival. Present at the Infero when Team Arrow destroy it, Broderick manages to escape.

Murder on the Empire Express

Broderick hires the mercenary Eddie Fyers to kill Amin Mustafa and representatives of Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Udan whilst they're traveling aboard Empire Express, on their way to a peace treaty conference in the United States. Expecting to see the arrival of the Empire Express at the Trans-Pacific Voyage Station West, where the talks are set to take place, Broderick is baffled to instead see Fyers race past in a sports car instead. However, that doesn't amount to how shocked he is when he sees Queen Industries' underwater train crash into the station, with Green Arrow and Black Canary emerging from the ocean on a motorbike.

Emerald Outlaw

In retaliation for his enemy foiling many of his plans, Broderick hires the Dark Archer to tarnish the Green Arrow's reputation as well. He also bribes the corrupt Mayor of Seattle, Nathan Domini.


  • Business Management: Broderick has managed to successfully run Queen Industries and its many projects.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Broderick is evidently a man of great intellect, able to successfully run a multinational corporation whilst secretly being a director of the "bank" for criminal organisations.
  • Tactical Analysis: Broderick is a cunning analyst, able to formulate plans to further his own interests and goals, as well of that of the Ninth Circle.



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