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Solomon Grundy was originally a man named Cyrus Gold, fleeing pursuit a hundred years ago. He died in a swamp during a thunderstorm. A lightning strike, combined with the strange plants in the swamp, reanimated Gold and turned him into a sort of super-zombie. One of the few things he could remember was that he was born on a Monday. Some hobos he encountered and shared this information with dubbed him 'Solomon Grundy' after the old rhyme.

At some point, Grundy was captured and imprisoned beneath the Pinkney Museum, where the Penguin found him on his purchase of the property. He left Grundy there, under the Iceberg Lounge, in case he ever needed the muscle. Grundy's prison was contained an antique generator, which would hit Grundy with repeated bolts of electricity to temporarily boost his strength past even his normal Herculean standards.

Disabling the generator would disorient Solomon, giving a long opportunity to attack him. During Batman's investigation of Arkham City, he faced Grundy, revived by the Penguin, and bested him. Upon his defeat, Grundy's chains--which he had been using as flails--became caught in the machinery of the generator. The gears seized up with the chain tangled in them, trapping Solomon Grundy once again and wrecking the machine, preventing it from shocking him back to life.


Can never be truly killed, and each revival makes him stronger.


Temporarily strengthened by electricity.


Appears to suffer temporarily disorientation and weakness after the electrical surge wears off.


Against Batman, his ball-and-chain restraints, which he began freely swinging.



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