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| HistoryText =
| HistoryText =
'''Butch Gilzean''' is the loyal right-hand man of [[Fish Mooney (Gotham)|Fish Mooney]].
'''Butch Gilzean''' is the loyal right-hand man of [[Fish Mooney (Gotham)|Fish Mooney]] and later (after some brainwashing) [[Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham)|Oswald Cobblepot]].
Growing up alongside fellow Falcone gang member [[James Saviano (Gotham)|Jimmy Saviano]], Gilzean and Saviano were delinquents at an early age. One time, the pair robbed a butcher shop, stealing several pounds of meat for their families. Despite a brotherly relationship, Butch withheld several prime cuts from Saviano, leaving his partner-in-crime clueless that he had received the inferior ground beef. Disappointed with his choice later on, Gilzean kept his decision a secret for many years. <ref> [[Gotham (TV Series) Episode: Rogues' Gallery]] </ref>
Several years later, Gilzean now works as the main henchman for [[Fish Mooney (Gotham)|Fish Mooney]], a part of [[Carmine Falcone (Gotham)|Carmine Falcone's]] gang. Butch is usually the man that is ordered to lead Mooney's dirty work.
| Powers =
| Powers =

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Butch Gilzean is the loyal right-hand man of Fish Mooney and later (after some brainwashing) Oswald Cobblepot.



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