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Quote1.png What is a city, gentlemen? A sanctuary! A stronghold! A fortress! A bulwark against the godlessness of the wilds -- wherein we may nurture the gifts of Christian civilization -- and be protected from all the savagery which lurks in untamed nature. Quote2.png
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Cyrus Pinkney is an architect responsible for designing most of Gotham City under the commission of Judge Solomon Wayne.

Several years out of university he met Wayne during an assault trial where he was the victim. Their ideals matched up perfectly and Wayne would use his influence to construct the larger city by Pinkney's design. This style involved rounded edges to confuse malevolent beings, thick windowless walls to lock in virtue and many gargoyles to scare people onto the path of righteousness.[1] Andre Sinclair confirmed through Pinkney's notes that his designs were heavily influenced by religion. He viewed Gotham as an organic whole, a living being that would itself fight against evil.[2] Despite his passion, his work was almost universally criticized as an ugly monstrosity.[3] It's been recorded that Cyrus Pinkney died while still a relatively young man, on the eve of his fortieth birthday.[1] Solomon Wayne's son Alan Wayne later continued Pinkney's vision by hiring Nicholas Gate to create greater buildings along the same designs.[4]