The Czarnians were once a thriving alien race until the day when a teenage Lobo performed a high school experiment which eradicated the entire species. Though Lobo is commonly referred to as the "Last Czarnian", some members of the race, such as his old history teacher Mrs. Tribb have in fact survived the genocide.

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The Czarnians are a race seemingly bent on universal domination. They are constantly competing with or at war with the Daemonites and Thanagarians.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Biological Replication: Though Czarnians reproduce through conventional means[2], they can also reproduce asexually through replication. If a Czarnian is cut, their blood will grow into a new Czarnian, sharing the same memories and personality as its progenitor. The origin of this unique ability is undetermined, but there is evidence to suggest that the Psions may have been involved with the Czarnians' evolutionary process.
  • Regeneration


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Average Strength level



  • Pacifism (Pre-Flashpoint only): With exception of Lobo, all the Czarnians were pacifists to the point where they had no words in their language to describe violence.


Habitat: Temperate Climate
Population: 2


Level of Technology:




  • Pre-Crisis, the Czarnians were referred to as Velorpians.

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