Motherships are enormous starships used by the D'amsi, the interstellar police force for the highly advanced civilization known as the Cooperative.


These vessels are crucial to the D'amsi being able to effectively maintain law and order on the thousands of worlds within Cooperative space.[1] Each mothership has a faster-than-light drive, enabling it shift into Hyperspace in order to rapidly travel across interstellar space.[1] The ship is also equipped with quantum-tunneling transceivers for instant communication across any distance.[2] An on-board local access system enables D'amsi to link to the Cooperative's self-aware computer database, the Info Tool. As a result, the mothership's crew can get up-to-date information on everything from alien worlds to wanted suspects.

Artificial gravity on a mothership is provided by gravity compensators that can be adjusted to the comfort level of the crew. These devices also negate inertia, thereby protecting the crew from injury when the ship accelerates or decelerates.[2]

Due to its massive size, a mothership cannot safely land on a planet's surface. Thus, the vessel has smaller ships like shuttles to transfer crewmembers to and from a planet. When not in use, the shuttles are stored in the mothership's hangar.[2]

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