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Quote1 Here we are again. It's like nothing has changed, and yet everything has changed at the same time. Quote2
Sara Lance

Back to the Finale: Part II is an episode of season 6 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It premiered on June 20, 2021.

Synopsis for "Back to the Finale: Part II"

Appearing in "Back to the Finale: Part II"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bishop (Dies) (Resurrected) (Apparent Death)
  • Zagurons

Other Characters:



  • Air Totems (Cameo)
  • Gary Green's Glasses
  • Dinah Lance's Ring
  • Heat Wave's Heat Gun
  • Kayla's Transmogrification Ring
  • Loom of Fate (Mentioned only)
  • Time Bomb
  • Time Courier


  • Bishop's Ship
    • Cloning Lab
  • Kayla's Spaceship
  • Waverider



  • Sara's abduction is revealed to be a fixed point in time.
  • Bishop is actually an A.I. that uploads itself each time it resurrects into one of his clone bodies.
  • The Legends trying to detonate a time bomb creates an alternate, dark future where aliens conquered the Earth. John Constantine is murdered by a Calavax and Nate Heywood joined a magic cult under the alias of John Constantine.
    • The timeline is erased from existence after "Constantine" went back in time to warn the Legends that gave up the idea of using the bomb and averted this future.


  • "Back to the Finale: Part II" is a nod to the movie, Back to the Future Part II.
    • It is also a reference to the Legends going back to the epilogue of the Season 5 finale, "Swan Thong".
  • After Sara's past self shows her engagement ring to present Behrad, the latter asks her captain if she took it from Versailles or the Romanovs. This is a reference to the episodes, "A Head of Her Time" and "Meet the Legends", where the Legends respectively visited the Palace of Versailles and met the Romanovs family.
  • Spooner mentions being turned into a fork which happened in "The Satanist's Apprentice".

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