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Bored On Board Onboard is an episode of season 6 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It premiered on August 15, 2021.

Synopsis for "Bored On Board Onboard"

Appearing in "Bored On Board Onboard"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Beast (John Constantine) (First appearance)
  • Bishop (Resurrected) (Behind the scenes)
    • Kayla
      • Lefty (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Black Siren (Laurel Lance) (Mentioned only)
  • Barry Allen (Mentioned only)
  • God (Mentioned only)
  • Iris West (Mentioned only)
  • Nasreen Tarazi (Mentioned only)
  • Necrians (Mentioned only)
  • "Pam Sharpe" (Mentioned only)
  • "Randy Sharpe" (Mentioned only)
  • Zagurons (Mentioned only)
  • Zari's unnamed father (Mentioned only)



  • Air Totem
  • Beast/Slayers
  • Fountain of Imperium (Mentioned only)
  • Heat Gun



  • John Constantine uses his black magic powers to conjur up an alternate dimension based upon the board game, Beast/Slayers.
    • The Legends are able to return to their world after defeating John's dark self.
  • It is revealed that Kayla somehow survived the attack of the Zagurons.
    • It is implied that Bishop was responsible for her survival.
    • She also allows her benefactor to resurrect by cloning once again his body after using the Waverider's technology.


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