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"Joker's Late-Night Lunacy!": This story is reprinted from Batman Adventures #3.

DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #3 is an issue of the series DC Classics: The Batman Adventures (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 4, 2020.

Synopsis for "Joker's Late-Night Lunacy!"

This story is reprinted from Batman Adventures #3.

Using the parts that the Penguin[1] and Catwoman[2] had procured for him, the Joker builds a device that allows him to hijack all of Gotham's television airwaves with his own channel: JTV. Joker's first "guest star" on this channel is an abducted Commissioner Gordon, whom he savagely beats with a baseball bat to "prove" to Gotham's horrified citizens that law and order in the city are nonexistent.

After the broadcast, Batman and the police quickly deduce that the Joker's next target will be Harvey Dent, the second-highest figure of authority in Gotham. Dent, over Detective Bullock's objections, agrees to serve as bait for Batman's plan to capture the Harlequin of Hate. Several days after, Joker and his men abduct Dent as anticipated; when Batman tries to stop them, however, he too is subdued and taken to be a "guest star" on JTV.

Overconfident, the Joker chains Batman to a slab, and attempts to unmask the Dark Knight on JTV's next broadcast. To his horror (and the relief of Alfred and the police), he quickly discovers that "Batman" is actually Harvey Dent in disguise; the real Batman, who had disguised himself as Dent, quickly frees himself, beats down Joker's men, and rescues Commissioner Gordon.

Joker flees from his seaside hideout via speedboat, with Batman in hot pursuit. As Batman prepares to apprehend him, the Joker distracts Batman long enough for the boat to crash into a patch of rocks. Batman survives the crash, and though he cannot find the Joker, he concludes that the Joker probably had as well.

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