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"Riot Act II": This story is reprinted from Batman Adventures #5.

DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #5 is an issue of the series DC Classics: The Batman Adventures (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 6, 2020.

Synopsis for "Riot Act II"

This story is reprinted from Batman Adventures #5.

Batman and Robin intercept and subdue a cluster of Snakes trying to smuggle more of the Scarecrow's doctored stereos and televisions into Gotham, though they fail to capture the Scarecrow's lieutenant Mario. Nevertheless, having secured a sample of the Scarecrow's "Dyslexium Device", the Dynamic Duo are able to alert Mayor Hill and tell Gotham's citizens how to remove the devices from their electronics.

Meanwhile, Mario realizes, to his horror, that his mother has fallen victim to the illiteracy signal and can no longer read the labels on her medicine. Batman arrives on the scene in time to save the old woman's life, and leverages the Scarecrow's location out of Mario. Subsequently, Batman and Robin invade Scarecrow's hideout, looking for the antidote to the illiteracy signal.

While Batman is occupied with the rest of the Snakes, Robin pursues Scarecrow, who manages to trap him under a pile of television sets. In desperation, Robin appeals to Scarecrow's past as an educator, arguing that the Dyslexium Device has worsened Gotham's ignorance instead of healing it. Unable to stand the idea, Scarecrow reluctantly gives up the antidote to the device, only to be captured by Batman seconds later.

By the next day, the city is cured of its illiteracy, while the Scarecrow sits behind bars and plots his revenge.

Appearing in "Riot Act II"

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Other Characters:

  • Joe (Single appearance)
  • Otto (Single appearance)
  • Cain (In dream sequence only)
  • Abel (In dream sequence only)




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