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"Superman and Superwoman: "The Superwoman of Metropolis!"": In the year 2862, Kristin Wells teaches a course on 20 century American history. There is debate around the identity of Superwoman, and how easy it would be to emulate her powers with 29 Century technology.

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DC Comics Presents Annual #2 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents Annual (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1983. It was published on April 14, 1983.

Synopsis for Superman and Superwoman: "The Superwoman of Metropolis!"

In the year 2862, Kristin Wells teaches a course on 20th century American history. There is debate around the identity of Superwoman, and how easy it would be to emulate her powers with 29th Century technology. As part of her research, Kristin travels back to 1983 Metropolis and looks up likely suspects. Lois Lane has the Superwoman costume in her closet, but states that it's for Clark's cousin, Linda Danvers, to wear to a costume party. And Kara is currently on a commercial flight, out of touch.

Clark recognizes Kristin from a past adventure[1] but has no knowledge of the "Superwoman" she seeks. Kristin is careful not to polute the timestream with foreknowledge, but does warn Superman of King Kosmos; who has just appeared in this universe and intends to subjugate the Earth.

King Kosmos is from a future Earth which he ruled; and is very powerful; too powerful for Superman, fears Kristin, who desperately tries to find the unknown "Superwoman". Kosmos displacement beam makes short work of Superman, sending him back to the time of King Arthur; though Clark Kent momentarily appears again and consults Kristin.

At the costume party, no one wears the Superwoman costume, leaving Kristin ignorant of her secret identity. But Kosmos is drawn to the party by the energy of Kal and Kara, and blasts them all will a ray that renders them unconcious. The Justice League fare no better with King Kosmos's rays zeroing in on them, and knocking them out as well. The only one immune is Kristin, whose future tech protects her. Then Kristin realizes — she is Superwoman, and she will use her future tech to immitate superpowers, as her students predicted.

Kosmos causes a nuclear-powered satellite to begin melting down and it falls to earth, except that Kristin — who is now Superwoman — warps it into deep space with Superman. They reunite one hundred years in the past, the day of Lincoln's assassination, where King Kosmos had hoped change the future to make America easier to conquer. Superman and Superwoman persue Kosmos into the Timestream, and they together disable Kosmos's tech and send him spinning blindly through time. Kristin lets slip that this is not the last time Kosmos will menace Superman, before returning to the future to present her findings at Metropolis University.

Appearing in Superman and Superwoman: "The Superwoman of Metropolis!"

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  • Displacement Beam
  • Five-Dimensional Hole Poker
  • Navigational Control Box
  • Opal Amulet
  • Superwoman's Costume
  • 3D TV



DC Comics Presents Annual #2



  • Kristin Wells reveals that she is a distant decendant of Jimmy Olsen — the Great-Great-Grandaughter of Jimmy Olsen IV.
  • Artist Keith Pollard draws King Kosmos in the style of Jack Kirby, reproducing a number of classic arrangements such as the villain at work at his control panel, copied in style from OMAC #1.

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  1. Superman has only met Kristin Wells before in Elliot S. Maggin's novel "Superman: Miracle Monday".