"Superman and Zatanna: "The Night It Rained Magic!"": As Superman flies to the Fortress of Solitude, he stops to save a van full of passengers from driving off a bridge. Although he pulls the van back onto the road using his super-breath, he is unaware that he was give

Quote1.png We're all agents of destiny. The "accidental" encounter was ordained by fate a million years before any of us were born! We're all actors in a cosmic drama... and only the cosmic playwright knows how the last act will end! Quote2.png

DC Comics Presents #18 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1980.

Synopsis for Superman and Zatanna: "The Night It Rained Magic!"

As Superman flies to the Fortress of Solitude, he stops to save a van full of passengers from driving off a bridge. Although he pulls the van back onto the road using his super-breath, he is unaware that he was given a magical assist from Zatanna, who alongside her father Zatara, is on her way to learn why some people adept magic users and some are not. Superman speeds off to his Fortress, he himself interested in magic as well, but in the case of the Man of Steel -- Superman is attempting to learn why he is especially vulnerable to magic. The rescue is observed by a washed up magician named Caligro the Great, who has grown bitter about his inability to access magic and is stuck trying to gain notoriety using slight of hand while beings like Superman and Zatara exist. He goes to a nearby bar and attempts to barter a magic trick for a drink and is insulted when nobody is interested in any of his abilities.

While at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman begins examining the Necronomicon with his scientific devices, determined to find if there are any scientific principals behind magic. Scanning it with an energy analyzer, Superman is excited to find that magical energy registers as some uncatalogued form of radiation of immense power, figuring that this is a step in the direction to learning how to find a defense against magic.

Meanwhile, Zatanna and Zatara have arrived at the upstate New York home of Madam Van Jung to search her library to learn about the origins of magic. Reading the ancient tomes there, they learn that magic is really energy that comes from another dimension and that the first magic users were members of an offshoot of humanity known as Homo Magus. This race soon would inbreed with humanity and certain humans would be born with ability to wield magical energies and others while others would not. While Zatanna prepares a magical ceremony to contact those that live in the magical dimension, Superman has geared one of his devices to charge himself with the energy wavelength of magic in the hopes of making himself immune to magic. The two events backfire and cause a rift between Earth and the magic dimension, allowing massive amounts of magical energy to flood and effect the Earth dimension. Soon people all over the world begin showing the ability to manifest magical abilities, although not many can control it. While in the realm of magic, the diminutive occupants -- in particular Muri the Sorcerer -- try desperately to try and seal the gap which threatens to destroy their realm.

Back on Earth, Caligro realizes that he has somehow gained great magical powers and after terrorizing the bar patrons uses his powers to summon Superman and Zatanna before him. He then attempts to use his magical powers to destroy them. When Zatanna attempts to use her powers, she finds that they are lost to her and Superman -- much to his surprise -- can command magic. Figuring out what had happened, Zatanna points out that the reason why Superman has always been vulnerable to magic is due to the fact that he is not native to Earth. Now endowed with magical powers, Superman is coached by Zatanna to use these magics to best Caligro in battle. Using his magic to conjure up a massive flood, Superman washes Caligro down the street where he strikes his head on a fire hydrant and is knocked out.

Summoning up a crystal ball, Superman and Zatanna learn of what has caused the the outpour of magical powers and Superman uses his newfound abilities to seal the rift. Upon sealing it, all the effects of the magical energy reverses itself, including the restoration of Superman and Zatanna's natural abilities.

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