"Superman and Doctor Fate: "The Curse Out Of Time!"": On Earth-Two, Inza Nelson has come to her husband, Dr. Fate as some strange magical force is causing her to transform into some kind of monster. Searching the mystical planes, Fate l

DC Comics Presents #23 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1980. It was published on April 10, 1980.

Appearing in Superman and Doctor Fate: "The Curse Out Of Time!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • El Muchacho (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Nabu (Possessing Dr. Fate)
  • Captain Ezra Hawkins (Single appearance)



Synopsis for Superman and Doctor Fate: "The Curse Out Of Time!"

On Earth-Two, Inza Nelson has come to her husband, Dr. Fate as some strange magical force is causing her to transform into some kind of monster. Searching the mystical planes, Fate learns that it's due to one of her ancient ancestors Captain Ezra Hawkins and his entire boat crew disappearing from time and space. Seeing that this disappearance is the key to the curse, Dr. Fate begins searching all of existence to try and locate the missing ship.

Meanwhile on Earth-One at the Metropolis S.T.A.R. Labs, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are present to cover a story on a scientists tests to see if matter has any sort of intelligence. However his experiment goes awry when it suddenly transports Hawkins's ship to their location. The growing ship smashes through the side of the building. Witnessing this from the street, Clark Kent quickly changes into Superman and goes to investigate. He is confronted by Hawkins who attempts to fight off Superman. The Man of Steel finds that he can be injured by attacks due to Hawkins seemingly magical nature. Hawkins believes that Superman is an agent of the being that has stranded him in this time, an imp called El Muchacho. Superman is tossed a sword and ordered to fight. Superman manages to outmatch Hawkins, but refuses to kill him. When one of Hawkins' men takes Lois Lane hostage, Superman surrenders and agrees to be shackled to Hawkins ship and forced to row.

Back on Earth-Two, Dr. Fate finds the location of Inza's ancestor and mystically travels between dimensions. Along the way, he is attacked by El Muchacho who seeks to bar Fate's interference. When El Muchacho finds Dr. Fate too powerful to deal with, the imp teleports away. Back on Earth-One, Hawkins forces Superman to row over to city hall, where the intends to attack thinking that it is the property of the queen. When El Muchacho appears before Superman, the Man of Steel tries to convince the imp to set him free. Instead, the Imp turns his rowers into water causing the ship to fall to the ground below. Dr. Fate arrives in this universe and uses his powers to save the ship from crashing by conjuring up a tornado to keep it aloft.

With the glowing mystical energy on the chains fading away, Superman is able to break free and notices that the same mystical aura around Hawkins has also faded away. Superman then easily defeats Hawkins and frees Lois. Dr. Fate soon arrives with the captured El Muchacho. With a spell, Dr. Fate sends the ship, it's crew and El Muchacho back to their own time period on Earth-Two, with no memory of what transpired. With the battle won, Dr. Fate returns to his own universe leaving Lois Lane confused over what had just happened. While back on Earth-Two, Dr. Fate returns to his home and finds that the curse on Inza has been lifted and she is back to her normal self.



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