"Superman and Aquaman: "The War of the Undersea Cities!"": On the beaches of Metropolis, an old man fishes futilely in the hopes of getting a good catch. Just when he is about to give up, he manages to pull up the mermaid known as Lori Lemaris from the sea. Immediately he sees the fame and fortu

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DC Comics Presents #5 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1979. It was published on October 12, 1978.

Appearing in Superman and Aquaman: "The War of the Undersea Cities!"

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Synopsis for Superman and Aquaman: "The War of the Undersea Cities!"

On the beaches of Metropolis, an old man fishes futilely in the hopes of getting a good catch. Just when he is about to give up, he manages to pull up the mermaid known as Lori Lemaris from the sea. Immediately he sees the fame and fortune of discovering a mermaid can bring until she begins muttering Superman's name. This instantly quashes his hopes at fame, and decides to call the authorities, realizing that a mermaid looking for Superman could only mean trouble. Lori is turned over to S.T.A.R. Laboratories and Superman is called in, the Man of Steel is surprised to hear from his long ago girlfriend after so many yeas and is pleased to see her.

While the feeling is mutual, she comes bringing grim news: She explains that her portion of Atlantis, the dwellling known as Tritonis where the merpeople live was suddenly attacked by a war party from neighboring Poseidonis, seemingly led by Superman's old ally Aquaman. This had increased tensions between the two groups and is gearing both up for a war, Lori, hoping to avoid any destruction has come to get Superman's aid to avert any such conflict. Superman agrees to help and accompanies Lori back to Tritonis. Upon their arrival, Superman is mistaken from a citizen of Poseidonis until the Man of Steel is able to disarm the gun batteries and Lori can explain. Meeting up with Lori's husband Ronnal, Superman learns that the people of Tritonis only sought to live in peace with the Poseidonis, however the current acts of aggression have prompted them to raise their defenses and prepare for war. As Aquaman is a friend, Superman offers to go to Poseidonis and try to sort things out.

Along the way, Superman finds himself attacked by an onslaught of sea creatures. While they are no threat to him, he tries not to harm them when suddenly Aquaman appears and uses his telepathy to send the animals away. When Superman explains why he has come to Poseidonis, Aquaman scoffs at the idea that his peoples attack on Tritonis was unprovoked. He explains that not long ago, Poseidonis was struck by a powerful undersea earthquake that caused great damage. After which he would go out on a patrol to see if their sister city of Tritonis was also damaged, only to be attacked by the Tritonians. The two men realize that someone is trying to trick both nations into fighting each other and decide to get to the bottom of it.

Deciding to go to Tritonis to see what can be done to make peace, Superman and Aquaman are suddenly attacked by the armies of Tritonis. After holding off the armies, Superman and Aquaman decide the best course of action would be to surrender. They do so and are brought before the ruler of Tritonis. Aquaman is shocked to see that it is none other than his villainous brother, Ocean Master who boasts that the people of Tritonis agreed to make him king in exchange for protection from Poseidonis. When Superman confronts Lori and Ronal, he is shocked to find that the people of Tritonis are seemingly willing to let themselves be ruled by Ocean Master. Ocean Master then orders Superman and Aquaman to leave, less they be put to death. With no other choice, the two heroes leave to ponder what they have just witnessed.

The two come to the conclusion that somehow Ocean Master is controlling the minds of the people of Tritonis and since the villain has no mental powers, he must be using some kind of external object to bend their wills. Sneaking back into the throne room, they are soon attacked by Ocean Master who reveals his means of acquired power: a gigantic jelly-fish that allows him to control minds. As Superman clashes with the giant creature, Ocean Master uses it's power to attempt to enslave Aquaman. As Superman struggles, he realizes that the creature actually gets it's strength from his resistance to it and stops fighting back, and sure enough the creature loses all it's powers and goes inert. This frees Aquaman from it's control and allows him to knock out his evil brother. While Aquaman deals with his brother, Superman carries the creature out to Marianas Trench where it can harm nobody.

With the threat over, Aquaman, Lori and Ronal make peace and the two nations end hostilities against each other. Superman bids farewell to his former girlfriend and heads back to Metropolis, where Clark Kent is expected to receive an award from the Metropolis Press Club.



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