"Superman and Green Lantern: "The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern!"": In Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are accepting an award being handed out by the Metropolis Press Club. The ceremony is interrupted when [[Hal Jordan (New Earth)|Green

Quote1.png You seem to have forgotten that my mind-over-matter powers make me more than equal -- but then forgetfulness is a common male failing! Quote2.png
Star Sapphire

DC Comics Presents #6 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1979. It was published on November 9, 1978.

Appearing in Superman and Green Lantern: "The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Charlie (Single appearance)
  • Josh (Single appearance)
  • Zamarons (Flashback only)




  • Star Sapphire's Starship (Destroyed)

Synopsis for Superman and Green Lantern: "The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern!"

In Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are accepting an award being handed out by the Metropolis Press Club. The ceremony is interrupted when Green Lantern suddenly crash lands in the middle of the stage. Hearing his friends descent with his super-hearing, Clark would pretend to stumble on his own feet so he can knock himself and Lois out of the way. Before passing out, Green Lantern passes his Power Ring to Clark. Clark's outfit is suddenly transformed into a Green Lantern costume. Needing to get away to investigate things as Superman, Clark uses the ring to fly away and wills it to create a replica of Superman who flies by and carries Clark away to protect his double identity. Once out of sight, Clark changes into his Superman costume and asks the Power Ring what happened. The ring tells him that it protected the Green Lantern from a fatal attack from one of his enemies.

Ordering the ring to lead him to the site of Green Lantern's battle, Superman is led to Star City where Star Sapphire. Attacking her, Superman is not prepared for the foe and she uses her Opal to create chains that bind him to a nearby building. Realizing that bursting free will compromise the structural integrity of the wall, Superman uses the Power Ring to create a pair of giant wire cutters to cut him loose. Seeing this Sapphire uses her powers to pull the Power Ring from Superman's finger and then uses the ring to escape. Despite using his x-ray vision, Superman cannot find a trace of Star Sapphire. When he checks the hospital in Metropolis where Green Lantern has been taken, he finds that he is missing. Forced to go back to Metropolis so that as Clark Kent he can report the six o'clock news on WGBS. Between takes, Clark expresses his frustration over Green Lantern's disappearance to Lois Lane, unaware of the fact that the Weaponers of the Anti-Matter world of Qward have been monitoring him. Although the Weaponers are concerned that Superman may pose a threat, their leader decides to take advantage of Superman for their own ends.

Later, Star Sapphire is leaving Earth in her ship with the unconscious Green Lantern as her prisoner. She is stopped along the way by Superman, who forces her out of her ship to battle him. As Green Lantern revives, he attempts to lend Superman a hand when he realizes his Power Ring is no longer in his possession. Superman manages to defeat Star Sapphire when she throws a meteor at him that he smashes, bombarding her with millions of particles. Taking both her and Green Lantern back down to Earth, Superman removes the Power Ring and is about to remove the Opal when Sapphire revives and attacks Superman. Unknown to all watching, a Weaponer from Qward has been watching the battle and throws one of his lightning bolts at the same time Sapphire strikes Superman with her Opal. The two blasts are powerful enough to knock out the Man of Steel.

When Sapphire attempts to take the ring, Green Lantern wills it back into his hands and begins fighting off Star Sapphire. In the middle of the fight, Green Lantern creates a water spout over Superman's face, and the water issuing from it revives the Kryptonian. While Sapphire is distracted dealing with Green Lantern, Superman is able to remove her Opal, causing her to revert back into Carol Ferris in a faint. With Sapphire defeated, Green Lantern thanks Superman for his help and returns to Star City with Carol. As Superman muses over Green Lanterns conflicted romance with Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire he's attacked by surprise by the Weaponer who knocks Superman out with a bolt charged with Q-Rays. As Superman falls, the Weaponer gloats how he and his minions on Qward will make him pay for his interference.



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