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"Superman and the Swamp Thing: "The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy"": The Swamp Thing is travelling through the sewers of Metropolis. As he travels he thinks back to the freak accident that caused his transformation into the Swamp Thing and how he has been searchi

Quote1.png Don't destroy them...! Cage them... Put them on another planet... But don't snuff them out! They're not alive... as we know life... But something stirs them...! Have to stop him... Stop Superman...! Not even a monster... Wants to die...! Quote2.png
Swamp Thing

DC Comics Presents #8 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1979. It was published on January 8, 1979.

Synopsis for Superman and the Swamp Thing: "The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy"

The Swamp Thing is travelling through the sewers of Metropolis. As he travels he thinks back to the freak accident that caused his transformation into the Swamp Thing and how he has been searching the world trying to find a cure for his condition. Two weeks prior, Swamp Thing came across an issue of the Daily Planet detailing Superman's battle with Solomon Grundy. Reading about how the creature was spawned from a swamp, the Swamp Thing would come to believe that it might lead to a clue to curing himself and began heading toward Metropolis to try and find the monster.

The Swamp Thing comes across Grundy in the sewers, and as fate would have it, it would also be at a time when Superman was looking for the creature following its attack on a train. As Superman attempts to stop Grundy, the Swamp Thing steps in and tries to stop Superman from potentially destroying Grundy before he can examine him. Although Swamp Thing's arm is ripped off in the fight, he helps Grundy knock out the Man of Steel. Solomon begins to consider the Swamp Thing a friend and agrees to follow the swamp-creature through the sewers. Superman revives shortly thereafter and wonders what could have caused the Swamp Thing to come to Grundy's aid, and decides to check with his ally Batman and with S.T.A.R. Labs to find a way to end Grundy's threat. The Swamp Thing meanwhile leads Grundy to one of his labs and convinces the creature to allow him to take a sample. As Swamp Thing begins his experiments on the compliant Grundy, he is unaware that lurking in the shadows nearby is a complete duplicate of Grundy.

Meanwhile, Superman finishes a call from Batman, learning that the only thing the Dark Knight can say about the Swamp Thing was that he was able to trust the creature. Superman then meets with Jenet Klyburn at S.T.A.R. Labs and has her examine some of the water from Superman's battle with Grundy. Superman deduces that Grundy's Slaughter Swamp Blight is still creating duplicates of the monster and he wants to find a way to destroy the creature. The two are joined by the arrival of Lois Lane who has come to get the scoop from Superman about his battle with Grundy in the sewers. The update gets cut short when Solomon Grundy is spotted outside S.T.A.R. Labs, prompting Superman to kiss Lois and fly out to face the creature. Superman battles the creature and easily beats it to death, and grimly considers the fact that if he doesn't find a solution to Grundy's replicating problem an army of Solomons could destroy all of Metropolis.

While down below in the sewers, the Swamp Thing's test comes up a failure when he learns that the creature he's been examining is not truly alive and is of no use to him. Grundy becomes increasingly agitated and when he overhears a radio report about Superman's battle with one of his duplicates, the monster becomes enraged and and charges to the surface to try and kill the Man of Steel. However, this is not the only creature, but all the Grundy duplicates rise from the sewers to kill Superman. Seeing this, Superman rushes Lois to the safety of S.T.A.R. Labs and takes the chemical that Klyburn has created to destroy the Grundy creatures. Overhearing this plan, Swamp Thing attempts to try and stop Superman, believing that the creatures qualify as a form of life and that it would be more humane to send the creatures to another planet than to destroy them. However, Superman moves at super speed and does not see the Swamp Thing. Seeing that his efforts are futile, Holland decides to leave and exits Metropolis through the sewers.

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  • This issue includes an advertisement for Hostess Twinkies featuring Wonder Woman entitled, "The Golden Treasure".
  • This issue includes Daily Planet Extra, Volume 79, Issue 1.

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