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A Spoiler can hurt.

Beware spoilers. And beware spoiling.

As not all readers are privy to the most recent comic events, TV episodes or movies, the information contained in the article may "spoil" their enjoyment of the actual storyline before having the opportunity to read it for themselves. To that end, there's a spoiler warning. It's added automatically to recently released comics, and can be added manually with {{spoiler}}. But there are more ways to spoil which we don't want you to do.

  • Because the Comic Appearance Templates are very prominent and kinda hard to miss, they're not included on prominent recent releases (such as movies). They're usually added after a couple of weeks to a month, when plenty of people have had the time to see it.
  • Many editors check the wiki's progress though WikiActivity or Recent Changes - often, it's their landing page upon visiting the site! There are some things they don't want to see before they even visit a page:
  • Categories. We've blocked you from manually adding "Deceased Characters", because that will show up in WikiActivity. Instead, add it to the Death field in the template. Special code within the page template suppresses the category from appearing until a reasonable amount of time has passed.
  • Edit summaries. "Hello, he totally died, didn't you see the movie"? Yeah, don't do that. Everyone can see that, and though there are ways to get rid of it, we really just wish you didn't. If you add a spoiler to the page, write "Spoiler" in the edit summary, preferably with the issue or episode you're spoiling.
  • Don't start a Discussions post with the spoiler in the title. Make sure you add plenty of white space to prevent people seeing what you've got to spoil in their feed.