DC Database

The only exact numerical figures that we use in relation to the statistics of any given characters are those that have been specifically mentioned in canonical sources.

This site only uses information directly established by DC Comics. All measurements are taken from source material such as the Who's Who series, or DC Comics Encyclopedia. The most recent published work is considered the most valid. Any information not from a DC publication is unreliable, and is considered to be fan fiction. This means that even if the height and weight do not look correct to you, do not change them, because they are not subjective random numbers - they are established fact.

Artists do not always adhere to these numbers, and there are examples of people being drawn taller or shorter than they should be. The most grievous cases have them standing next to someone appearing to be the same height when they are canonically shorter. This can be considered an error on the part of those artists, but either way, it is not up to you or to anyone other than the writers to establish new statistics for these characters that make more sense to you, individually.

Do not change established statistics simply because you don't think they look right to you. People who violate this rule will be given an appropriate warning; subsequent violations will be treated as vandalism, because they upset the integrity of our data, and will have the same consequences.