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The Flashpoint[1] was an alternate timeline of the DC Extended Universe created when the Flash went back in time to save his mother's life, resulting in an Earth with no metahumans, an older Batman, and a more successful invasion by General Zod.


This timeline was created after the Flash ran back in time and prevented his mother's death.

Like in Batman's original timeline, Bruce Wayne became a vigilante in Gotham City to avenge his parents's deaths, with the help of his butler Alfred. However, in this timeline he retired years later when Alfred got killed by the Joker. Bruce then became a recluse in his manor.

In this timeline, metahumans don't exist, Aquaman was never born, and Kara Zor-El became the superheroine Supergirl after her cousin Kal-El was killed by General Zod. So she joined the Justice League from this reality with Batman and the two Flashes to defeat Zod and his army. However, this reality was erased from existence after the Flash from the original timeline ran again back in time and prevented his past self from saving his mother.[2]



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  • The DCEU's Flashpoint timeline takes heavy inspiration from the Batman and Batman Returns, with the casting of Michael Keaton as Batman, and various references to those movies, implying that the events of them took place in this world. However, those films' original universe, the Burtonverse, still exists in the multiverse, so this isn't the same world.
    • The Flashpoint timeline is one of four divergent realities realities where the events of Batman and Batman Returns occurred, the other three being the Burtonverse, the Arrowverse's Earth-89, and the prime multiverse's Earth 789.

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