"First Date": In 1952, two men in suits, obviously aliens imitating humans, check the water. They determine that it is too early for something, and leave.

DC First: Superman/Lobo #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of July, 2002. It was published on May 1, 2002.

Synopsis for "First Date"

In 1952, two men in suits, obviously aliens imitating humans, check the water. They determine that it is too early for something, and leave.

In Metropolis, within a couple years back, Clark Kent is talking on the phone in the Daily Planet when a man approaches him speaking in Kryptonian. He offers Superman great amounts of wealth for allowing them to take the resources they need. Superman refuses, and the man turns into a robot and attacks. Superman attacks while members of the "Hegemony", a criminal syndicate, watch.

The Hegemony determine that the world will be easier to subdue, and they call Lobo, who refuses them at first, and then accepts, because the target, Superman, is the last of his kind. Lobo respects that because he too is the last of his race, not because he was orphaned, but because he killed his race to be unique. He jumps on his hog and takes off for Earth after killing the messengers for the contract.

Clark, trying to make up for blowing Lois Lane off, eats with her. They discuss Jimmy Olsen getting a Superman symbol tattoo to impress a girl, which so happen to work and offer to a join rave.

Meanwhile, Lobo crashes through a diner and attracting the attention of the police. The bounty hunter easily shrugs off from their gunshots and subdues them. He then learns from one of the cops that in order to get Superman's attention, he needs to attack innocents. Lobo picks a nearby rave, where Jimmy is attending.

Clark and Lois debate the politics of paying for dinner, until Lobo shows up. Clark disappears, and leaving a furious Lois behind.

At the rave, Jimmy takes pictures of Lobo destroying the rave, and Lobo goes after him, until Superman arrives and takes charge of the situation. They banter and smash around a bit, with Lobo using his chain to choke Superman. Superman knocks Lobo into the lake.

At the same time, the Hegemony are watching the ensuing fight. It is then reveal that the reason that the Hegemony are attacking Earth is the water, just properly tainted with the right amount of chemicals to be intoxicating to some races. The command sends a water collecting ship to Earth. Eventually, the Hegemony turns on Lobo while eliminating him along with Superman. This betrayal angered Lobo to consider his contract null and void. Superman and Lobo agree to a truce, and after getting the hegemony to return the water, Superman returns Lobo's ride and Lobo leaves.

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