"The Hunger Dogs!":
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DC Graphic Novel #4 is an issue of the series DC Graphic Novel (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1985.

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File:DC Graphic Novel Vol 1 4 001.jpg

Darkseid was presented with Micro-Mark technology that could destroy a planet by Esak, who’d turned against New Genesis after Metron abandoned him. Himon, his daughter Bekka and the Hunger Dogs of Armagetto nursed Orion back to health, and they stole a container of Micro-Mark, but Darkseid had plenty more in production. He attacked New Genesis, using Boom Tubes to bring the Micro-Mark there, forcing Highfather to construct a satellite city to save the New Gods. Darkseid hoped to corrupt New Genesis, and expected a counter-attack of terrorism, but none came. Orion led a Hunger Dog revolt by killing one of the citizen’s tormentors, and killed Esak for creating Micro-Mark. Highfather allowed New Genesis to be blown up, and Darkseid’s followers realized the Micro-Mark in production no longer had a target, and could very easily consume Apokolips. The revolts continued, and Orion used the confusion to rescue Tigra, and escape with her and Bekka off-world. Darkseid vowed to crush the Hunger Dog revolt and rule with an even mightier fist. Aboard the satellite city the New Gods scoured space for their new home. Metron brought an unspoilt paradise planet to them using his Mobius Chair to serve as a new homeworld.



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