"Zatanna the Magician": This story reprints three stories combined as one. It reprints Adventure Comics #413 through

DC Super-Stars #11 is an issue of the series DC Super-Stars (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1977.

Synopsis for "Zatanna the Magician"

This story reprints three stories combined as one. It reprints Adventure Comics #413 through Adventure Comics #415.

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics #413.

Certain night in Shadowcrest, Zatara studies the mystic and occult when he is suddenly attacked by otherwordly demons. Meanwhile, Zatanna practices her magic tricks elsewhere in the mansion, witnessed by her new manager, Jeffrey Sloane. When the two of them decide to go talk to Zatara, the great magician cast a spell on them and vanishes from their dimension. Once alone in Shadowcrest, Zatara follows the commands of a mysterious presence in the room.

Meanwhile Zatanna and Jeff are inexplicably transported to another dimensional world. Zatanna tries to break the spell her father cast upon her, but her magic is weak compared to his. Instead, Zatanna uses her magic to transport her and Jeff to a closer waypoint back to their dimension. Unfortunately, they are beset by barbarian warriors and despite their best efforts, the warriors overcome them and they are taken prisoners.

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics #414.

In the unknown dimension, Zatanna and Jeff Sloane are taken by the Bavarian savages to a wizard named Varnu, who informs them that he is required to eliminate them. In order to do so, Varnu takes Zatanna and Jeff to a mystical building called the Tower of the Dead, so named because no one has emerged from it alive.

Once inside, Zatanna uses her magic to guide their path, but the perils they encounters prevent them from reaching an exit. After fighting dozens of undead warriors, Zatanna and Jeff are confronted by a giant with a gorgon head, who turns Jeff into stone when he confronts the giant. Zatanna then cast an illusion to multiply her image and force the giant to fall into an endless void she had summoned, but despite her efforts, Jeff is seemingly done for.

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics #415.

Zatanna ponders her next actions as Jeff Sloane has been turned to stone, but the portal back to Earth is waiting for her. Zatanna finally uses her magic to carry Jeff's statue with her through the dimensional warp and return to Earth, where Jeff returns to nomal. However, outworld demons have followed them and after confronting and defeating them, Zatanna learns that they are somehow using her father to conquer the world.

Using her magic, Zatanna transports them to where Zatara is located and they soon arrive in Manhattan, where the Master Magician is tearing apart Times Square with some monsters he has summoned. Zatanna confronts her father, but Jeff intervenes, hoping to prevent them from hurting each other. Jeff is promptly grabbed by Zatara's monsters and Zatanna is forced to attack her father with a deadly spell. Once Zatara is apparently killed, the monsters are vanished and Jeff is shocked at Zatanna's actions.

However, Zatanna knows the truth and soon, Allura is exorcised from Zatara's body. The evil sorceress was responsible for possessing Zatara in the first place with help from her demons, but now Zatanna deals with her and traps her inside a bottle with her powers. With Allura posing a threat no more, Zatara recovers and after repairing the damage caused, the trio return to Shadowcrest.

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Synopsis for "The Case of the Real-Gone Flash"

This story is reprinted from The Flash #128.

In 6363, magician Abra Kadabra sulks over the state of his profession. In his era, advanced technology has made magic tricks a thing of the past. When he hears that scientists have developed a time machine, he decides to steal it and go back to a time when stage magicians were treated like celebrities.

His plan is successful, and he arrives in Central City of the 20th Century. Using his futuristic technology to perform simple magic tricks, (and forcing his audiences to applaud), he is able to schedule several shows at a local hall. However, no one attends his magic acts because they are at a World Series game. After perusing the Picture News, Kadabra determines that the only way to gain attention in Central City, is by stealing something big. He decides to attend the dedication of a new statue in town, and make it disappear in front of everyone. After doing this, he uses his advanced technology to paralyze all the witnesses, including Barry Allen, who is therefore unable to pursue him as the Flash.

The next day, the Flash determines that Kadabra will likely strike next at the library, where the oldest book ever printed is being put on display. He is correct, but the magician foils him again. This time Kadabra forces the Flash to clap his hands and stamp his feet instead of chasing after him.

Later, Kadabra announces that he will put on the greatest magic show ever seen. A large crowd comes to see this performance. When the speedster arrives, he is sent flying off the planet by Kadabra, leaving his Flash costume behind.

Barry hurtles through space and eventually lands on an extremely small planetoid which has an atmosphere and gravity similar to Earth's. Using his super-speed, he is able to propel himself back home. He then tracks down Kadabra by vibrating at the same frequency as the radiation the magician used to send him into space, and thus follows the trail left behind from his costume. After arriving at Kadabra's base, the Flash easily defeats the magician by moving him into the path of his own paralyzing hypno-beam.

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