"Superman: "The Super-Gun"": This story is reprinted from Superman #144.

DC Super-Stars #9 is an issue of the series DC Super-Stars (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1976.

Appearing in Superman: "The Super-Gun"

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Synopsis for Superman: "The Super-Gun"

This story is reprinted from Superman #144.

Lex Luthor hires a bunch of men to operate for him outside of prison and build his latest weapon against Superman: Weapon X, a device which draws it's power whenever Superman does super-feats. Bert, one of Luthor's most trusted men, disguises himself as Amos Dexter and offers to make a donation to charity if Superman performs a super-feat which he has never previously done, Superman complies by helping bring down a condemned building, little knowing that he is charging a weapon the crooks hope will spell Superman's doom.

Later when they rob an armored car and Superman tries to intervene, he is blasted with Weapon X and it sends him flying into the sun. Returning to Metropolis he finds the villains have fled without a trace. And so the cycle continues, "Amos Dexter" happens to be by, asking Superman to do another unusual feat in exchange for money to a charity, followed by another heist by Luthor's crew who manage to repel Superman with Weapon X. Eventually, Superman gets wise to the situation and learns of "Dexter's" true identity. With the help of Jimmy Olsen and a fake obelisk, Superman puts on a fake super-feat, having Jimmy on hand to expose Superman to Kryptonite at enough of a distance to only sap Superman of his super powers. The over confident crooks believe they are stealing more of his super strength are really not.

When Superman tries to catch them later, they are shocked to find that Weapon X is out of energy, Superman easily takes the device and destroys it before turning the criminals over to the police. In jail, they are scolded for their failure by Luthor.

Appearing in Nighthawk: "The Gun-Fighting Statue!"

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  • Jeff Argus (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Marshal Bill Blake (Dies in flashback) (Single appearance)
  • Marshal Sam Peake (Dies in flashback) (Single appearance)
  • Ray Cole (Flashback and main story) (Single appearance)


Synopsis for Nighthawk: "The Gun-Fighting Statue!"

This story is reprinted from Western Comics #42.

Appearing in "The Unsinkable Gun"

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Synopsis for "The Unsinkable Gun"

This story is reprinted from Our Fighting Forces #17.

Appearing in "The Sightless Sharpshooter"

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This story is reprinted from Gang Busters #47.

Appearing in "The Secret Story of Ray-Gun 64!"

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Synopsis for "The Secret Story of Ray-Gun 64!"

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #5.


  • "The Super-Gun" was originally titled "The Super-Weapon!"


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