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DC Super Friends is a web-series based on a line of toys released by Imaginext. The toys and subsequently the series have no apparent relation to the Super Friends and DC Super Friends series.

In 2010, Imaginext also released a short animated movie called DC Super Friends: The Joker's Playhouse.

Season One[]

"The Cape and the Clown"
"The Brave & The Bald"
"The World's Finest Supervillain Hideout"
"The Not-So-Fun House"
"A Visit from Superman"
"Joker's Wild Goose Chase"
"Pow! Bam! To the Moon!"
"Plan B"
"The Green & The Red"
"Swamp Scuffle"
"The New Guys Unite"
"League vs Legion"
"Robot Ruckus"
"The Last Laugh"

Season Two[]

"A Brilliant Question"
"Rotten to the Core"
"The Runaway Punchline"
"Hack in the Box"
"Gotham City Deep Freeze"
"A Messy Situation"
"A Race Against Crime"
"It's a Zoo Out There"
"Clean Up in a Flash"
"Alone in the Batcave"
"Escape Room Riddles"
"Sinister Suit"
"Batcave Goes Dark"
"Double Trouble...Maybe"
"Heat Wave Snow Day"