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DC Super Hero Girls is an animated action-adventure series developed by Lauren Faust, based on the original Web Series. The new universe debuted with a theatrical cartoon, The Late Batsby, in 2018, and was continued with a Web Series called DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts in early 2019 which serves as both a prelude and a companion to the tv series.

The tv series debuted in Cartoon Network in March 8, 2019 with DC Super Hero Girls: Sweet Justice, an only-tv movie compiling the first four episodes.

The series narrates the adventures of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee and Jessica Cruz, who in this universe are teenagers attending high school in Metropolis as fighting super-villains.


TV Movie

Ep# Title Airdate
01 Sweet Justice March 8, 2019

DC Super Hero Girls TV Series

Ep# Title Airdate
01 Adventures In Bunnysitting March 17, 2019
02 Hate Triangle March 24, 2019
03 Burrito Bucket March 31, 2019
04 Meet the Cheetah April 7, 2019
05 Sweet Justice, Part 1 April 14, 2019
06 Sweet Justice, Part 2 April 14, 2019
07 Sweet Justice, Part 3 April 21, 2019
08 Sweet Justice, Part 4 April 21, 2019
09 Beeline May 12, 2019
10 Super Who? May 19, 2019
11 Shock It to Me May 26, 2019
12 She Might Be Giant June 1, 2019
13 Fight at the Museum June 9, 2019

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