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"Downfall": IN THE PRESENT

Quote1.png Allowing Earth's so-called Justice League to escape at this juncture is unacceptable. Quote2.png

DC Universe Online Legends #6 is an issue of the series DC Universe Online Legends (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2011. It was published on April 20, 2011.

Synopsis for "Downfall"

IN THE PRESENT The Justice League has successfully escaped from the Watchtower in space and teleported to S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis, but Brainiac detects their signature and decides to eliminate the League by using his ship's tractor beam to bring what's left of the Watchtower down on Metropolis, wiping out millions including the heroes. But first, he must alert Lex Luthor to leave the area right away.

The doctors at S.T.A.R. Labs start fixing up Martian Manhunter and wonder how he could have been injured so badly. The Atom explains that Brainiac's nanomachines were able to steal abilities from the heroes and that Aquaman was also injured. Which reminds Superman and Batman that Aquaman is still on the exploding Watchtower that's falling to Earth.

On the Watchtower, Aquaman escapes from his water containment unit and hopes that if he can make it to the teleporter, that there's still a power supply to send him home.


Brainiac continues to search his ship for Luthor, Atom and Black Canary when he realizes what Luthor's plan must be. He's heading for the trophy room to steal Sinestro Corps power rings from the dead in the bottled city from Korugar.

In the miniature city, Black Canary and Atom each take a ring, while Luthor takes a total of eight, one for each finger. They speak the Sinestro Corps oath and power up the rings before returning to the trophy room and taking on Brainiac's advancing robots. Luthor orders the two to retrieve the canister containing all the exobytes Brainiac used to rob Earth's heroes of their powers so they can empower what's left of the human race with superhuman abilities and defeat Brainiac. Luthor himself goes straight after Brainiac.


Luthor hears that Brainiac intends to destroy Metropolis and commands that their deal will be off if he allows this to happen. Brainiac lies and explains that this is all Superman's fault.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Batman discovers that the wreckage of the Watchtower is falling directly toward their location and that there's still a life sign in the biggest piece that must be Aquaman. He tells Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Firestorm to take care of the smaller fragments while Superman rescues Aquaman and throws the biggest piece back into space.

As it space station enters Earth's Atmosphere, Superman breaks through the wall, grabs Aquaman's hand and breaks out to the other side and sets him in Hob's Bay before returning to catch the wreckage. While the others catch their pieces of Watchtower, Superman finds that his larger piece is much heavier than it should be because Brainiac is using his tractor beam to push it harder and harder. Superman soon realizes that there's no way he can stop the impact, but he can push it to Industrial Park where casualties should be minimal.

Unfortunately, while trying to escape the carnage, Luthor went to the same industrial area. He barely survives the impact, but has been impaled by sharp metal spikes and has lost his left eye. With his remaining eye, he sees Superman crawl out the debris and yells, "You!!! ... You did this to me!!"


Black Canary and Atom find the canister with the exobytes while Luthor finally confronts Brainiac. But he's overconfident and did not realize that Brainiac has a fist full of Green Lantern power rings.

The fight is short. The heroes and villains below simply see Brainiac's ship ripped apart by brilliant beams of green and yellow. Atom manages to protect the container, but lands on metal spikes that impale his chest and neck. Black Canary sees him die before passing out. Brainiac lands and yells out for Luthor while using his Lantern rings to take on Powergirl. Luthor has landed as well and sees that Atom's belt buckle is beeping. It's his Justice League communicator and Batman tells Luthor to come immediately to his coordinates. It's Superman's Fortress of Solitude and he thinks he has found a way to undo Brainiac's invasion.

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