"Roy's Night Out": Roy Harper did not show up to fight with his friends in Hong Kong tonight. This is because he was captured and beaten by a Japanese Triad gang seeking revenge for the murder of Suzie Su. After having his life threate

Quote1 How about "do better"? I'm giving it a try myself. It's not easy, but you'll end up a lot happier. Quote2
-- Arsenal

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  • Arsenal (Flashback and main story)

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Synopsis for "Roy's Night Out"

Roy Harper did not show up to fight with his friends in Hong Kong tonight. This is because he was captured and beaten by a Japanese Triad gang seeking revenge for the murder of Suzie Su. After having his life threatened, Roy asks his captor, Zhang Xing for a quarter. Naturally, the man refuses, but Roy knows he has one, and is determined to get it.

When he makes a move, Roy receives a kick to the chest from a familiar foot: Killer Croc', his AA sponsor. Croc' appears to be under the Triad's influence, thanks to a collar around his neck.

Roy recalls his history with the Killer Croc'. At one of his worst moments, he had tried to commit suicide by goading the Croc' into killing him. However, Waylon Jones got wise to the plan pretty quickly, having already heard of how Roy was let go by Oliver Queen, and stripped of his Q-Core shares thanks to his alcoholism. As much as he would have loved to kill Roy, he wouldn't do his dirty work.

When Roy had heard that Croc' was being held against his will in Hong Kong, he felt obligated to do something about it. Again, Roy demands a quarter of his captor, and Zhang angrily makes a punch at him, allowing Roy the chance to pick his pocket. Zhang leaves, warning that more men will be coming to kill Roy soon. In his absence, Roy places the quarter into his mouth, and spits it out at his shackles, slowly chipping away at the metal until his wrists are free. He will not die today. Jason Todd still owes him twelve dollars.

Hours later, Roy's use of the quarter proves to have been quite effective as he has killed most of his captors and escaped. Despite the fact that his arrows have been taken, Roy's penchant for turning everyday items into weapons has served him quite well, and now that he's found a tool box, his enemies are running scared - all except Zhang, who is backed by Croc', whose inhibiting collar will cause his head to explode if he acts out of line. Except, once he gets a closer look, Roy realizes that this isn't Killer Croc' at all, though it looks like him.

Naturally, facing this creature does not go well for Roy, and he is pummelled. Still he hopes that he can get through to him, promising to help him escape. Using a shard of bullet-proof glass from the window he was just thrown through, Roy breaks the glass in the inhibitor, preventing it from exploding. With the stranger freed of Zhang's control, Roy hopes that he'll be helped, but he is filled with indignant surprise when it turns on him again.

At least, it seems that way, until the creature begins beating down the men who have slowly surrounded them since their fight began. In the confusion, though, Zhang escapes. The creature introduces itself as Fangfeng, and insists that he be allowed to deal with Zhang. Roy warns him to refrain from killing Zhang, because - in his experience with the Triad - it doesn't do anything. Instead, Fangfeng should try to do better.

That night, Roy returns to his friends, and, while they sleep, he steals his 12 dollars back from Jason's wallet.


  • This book was first published on February 20, 2013.
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