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"Murderers, Psychopaths and Monsters": Three weeks have passed since Jason, Cassandra, Gordon, and Ace had settled in the orphanage. During this time, Jason has been trying to convince Gordon in getting rid of the infected caregivers and children that occupied the gym. But Gordon remains adamant

Quote1.png We stay here. We defend. And we say nothing... we don't tell them their heroes are leaving them behind. Quote2.png
Jim Gordon

DCeased: Unkillables #2 is an issue of the series DCeased: Unkillables (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 18, 2020.

Synopsis for "Murderers, Psychopaths and Monsters"

Three weeks have passed since Jason, Cassandra, Gordon, and Ace had settled in the orphanage. During this time, Jason has been trying to convince Gordon in getting rid of the infected caregivers and children that occupied the gym. But Gordon remains adamant that the infected are no threat while they are locked up. Cassandra interrupts and shows the men a radio transmission from Lois Lane, telling all survivors that she and her allies are planning to leave Earth and are inviting them to join in the evacuation. One of two evacuation points is Poison Ivy's jungle in Gotham. Jason and Cassandra are keen to the idea, but Gordon shuts it down on leaving as he points out the difficulty of getting all the orphans safely to Gotham.

Meanwhile, Shiva has personally tasked Mirror Master with locating her daughter, Cassandra. Mirror Master does find Cassandra and takes Shiva to the orphanage. Shiva offers Cassandra sanctuary to Ball's Pyramid, but does not extend her offer to the orphans as the island does not have enough room to support them. Cassandra refuses to leave the children and a fight ensues between daughter and mother when Shiva attempt to take her by force. The fight catches the attention of the orphanage's inhabitants and leading to Shiva to give up on taking her daughter with her and returning to Ball's Pyramid.

On Ball's Pyramid, Vandal Savage is unamused with Shiva's escapade and he is most disapproved of having Mirror Master involved as he is deemed as a escape contingency if something goes wrong. Before tensions could escalate between Savage and Shiva, Slade Wilson peacefully intervenes. Slade reminds Savage that he have brought a volatile group of killers under the same roof, and they are anxious and bored, and it is best not to antagonize each other if they are not going outlive the apocalypse by killing each other. Savage takes in Slade's reason before wanting to speak with Slade privately.

Savage takes Slade to a secured room that he wants to show him. Inside is the Creeper, who is strapped to a table and his chest surgically opened. As Slade tries to process this, Savage has Solomon Grundy punches out Slade. Savage has Slade on a table and prepares to surgically cut him open, as he wants to know how Slade and Creeper are immune to the Anti-Life virus. But fortunately Savage is impaled from behind by Rose, who has been long distrustful of the immortal. Just as Rose frees her father and Creeper, the island is invaded by an infected Wonder Woman, who then gruesomely rips Savage in half. The other super-villains pour bullets and ice beam on the infected Amazon, who remains impervious. Mirror Master evacuate the survivors through the Mirror World while Captain Cold stays behind to slow Wonder Woman down with his Cold Gun.

Mirror Master takes his companions to the Bludhaven Orphanage before going back to Ball's Pyramid for Snart. Unfortunately, he is attacked and bitten by an infected Captain Cold.

Slade and Rose explains their group's situation to Cassandra, Jason, and Gordon. The super-villains want to stay in the orphanage and band together against powered undead like Wonder Woman. Gordon, however, is not too pleased with this and most especially with Slade's proposal to train the orphans into an army to fight the infected. Slade has himself and Gordon to privately resolve. He reason with Gordon that even though it isn't the most ideal situation for anyone, but the children has to be train to fight in order to protect themselves from the infected. So to make Gordon to see through, Slade is offering the former GCPD Commissioner to lead the super-villains. Gordon is skeptical of leading people he doesn't trust. But Slade reminds him that it is no different from leading the dirty cops that worked under him (including those who were under Deathstroke's payroll). Gordon reluctantly concedes and allowing the super-villains to stay on the condition that they not abuse this hospitality.

The super-villains are soon brought to the attention of the infected inside the gym. Once Gordon explains to them, Shiva and Bane criticizes for allowing the infected in the building and want them to be dealt with immediately for everyone's safety. Cassandra takes Jim away from seeing this, and Jason joins with Slade and the others in killing the infected. To Jason's shock, among the infected is Billy Batson.

The next morning, the orphans are introduced to their new "roommates" and began their training: learning in hand-to-hand combat under Shiva and Cassandra; becoming marksmen under Deadshot; and being taught in "less conventional classes" under Creeper, Cheetah, and Bane. For over the next three months, the super-villains unexpectedly began to bond with the orphans, while Jason and Rose develop romantic feelings for each other in which Slade welcomes it.

During the night, while Bane is patrolling the corridor, he finds Ace unhinged and barking frantically, but fails to realize the danger before an infected Mirror Master invades the orphanage and infects him. Jason and Rose meet Gordon and Deadshot in a room, where they are flanking a handful of the orphans. However, when orphan Zaid is attacked by Mirror Master, Deadshot runs to save him and is successful, although this results in his own abduction into the Mirror World. Gordon tells Jason and Rose to help get the kids into a room without windows or mirrors.

A wounded Batgirl makes her way to the group, where she informs them of Bane's infection, and that he was headed outside. Gordon, confused, follows Bane's path to outside of the building. To his horror, he discovers Bane, under the control of the Anti-Life Equation, breaking the orphanage's walls and allowing an opening for the infected, hence improving the Equation's odds.

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